Was adam asexual before eve was created?

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  1. Ok, so this has nothing to do with religion... but perhaps just as important. Perhaps not to most here, but I have to at least present it... I will not say anything about the following picture, but Ill let you decide wether it seems a bit strange or perfectly normal.

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  2. One day, I went outside. I always have looked up and admired the sky ever since I was little. so it was no coincidence that I just happen to look up that day and notice something a bit out of the ordinary.i had never recalled ever seeing trails linger and spread like they did that day ever before. yet there thay were, over my head. The thing about conspiracy theorists..is just that. they have theories...I dont opperates on theories... When I talk about something, I like to know what the hell Im saying, I research before even attempting to explain things, I like to know Im not bullshitting people. So I looked into this little """theory""" of mine that these trails were a bit out of the ordinary, where did I look into it at? the internet, where else? church? yea right, you want oppinionated people, there they are. But I found that I wasnt the only one that noticed the apperant oddity of these lingering trails, first there was very few that asked about them...now you type chemtrails into altavista, and your bombarded with pictures, wether they are normal or not...its these people that the culprits rely on to give these unusual occurances no meaning. and then you have the real assholes...much like the oppinionated christians out there.. who will shoot down anything that you have to say thats viewed from a slightly different angle..." How dare you sugest that your american government would deliberately harm you"...and now its topped off with "You must be a terrorist, honey, fetch me that TIPS number would ya." well people, there is much evidence, as well as hard facts, and many you can find at www.carnicom.com supporting the chemtrail "theory" hell, they are so good at programming people, I have even heard that the purpose of those lingering contrails is to vaccinate us for any biological attacks, well gee, thank YOU mister voter taxpayer sir, for vaccinating ME, without my knowledge, and if your vaccine is so miraculous, what does it matter IF I contract the disease or not? hell if i get small pox, Illa take a few spoons of apple cider vinegar aday, and Ill be cured in a week. if I get anthrax poisoning ill inhale everclear fumes, and that will be that..but these people are really stupid, they are admitting that they are being sprayed, but wont even make a phne call to the people who are doing it, ...you know, JUST TO MAKE SURE...but they are not concerned about mister jones down the street getting smallpox, we have 6 billion people on this planet...i wonder how many resources we consume a day.
    And I wonder if it would be a good idea in thier eyes to start thinnning out the crowd, hell doesnt anyone see the resemplence of hitler/riechstag and bush/wtc what happened afterwards? how many people were starved? how many millions were killed? hmm. only now, homeland securities got the big fuckin toys.
    now Im getting off the point and probably lost most of the two minute brains out there (can only hold a train of thought for 2 minutes before they get the glass over their eyes...the wonders of television) But these trails, are much more than condensation from the engines, and anyone who understands relative humidity can tell you this. Can you explain to me what the RH and temp is at 30,000 feet? can ya? did you know that any airspace over 30,000 is international airspace...meaning...anyone can enter it? have you compared satelite photos of the past five years to those before then? and have you lost any sleep knowing that it might be true that they really are spraying your fucking heads with thier god damn chemical concoctions? when is the last time that you looked up and examined the now artificiallly created and seeded clouds, whens the last time youve spent a whole hour looking up and watched the formations, and noticed the unatural effects in the sky, whens the last time you heard of the word HAARP and when is the last time you checked up on what exactly theyve been up to with air you breath? are you aware that the US has an aerosol seed clouding/spraying patent?

    Or does it all just not matter anyway, we are all going to die someday. if you say this. you should not be advocating the freedome of usage, as it goes against the views of your general population. and anyone knows, that that...is doubleplus ungood.

    so, yea...zia. Those contrails.

  3. You must wade through some of the obvious "normal lookalikes" but there are some unrefutable images here, many ive seen just like them.

  4. weeeeeee!!! can you say photoshop? actually I'm not gonna completely shoot this down right now. Let me know when you have some kind of evidence and something to do about it...

    ...that also makes sense.
  5. It all started with one. and look where we are at now. theres your solution. the evidence is currently being dropped on you. Now Im sorry, but I dont have the energy to debate this with you, there are many more openminded and intelligent people who might actually take matters into their own hands one day. Unfortunately, I dont see it happening anytime soon, In this day and age people are too busy trying to satisfy their own self lust, comfort and vanity, to look ahead of themselves and make an honorable decision. If you want more info do as I suggested and go read carnicoms site. other than that...maybe bush has some good news this evening, go get em georgy. wave that flag high boys. solute your american controllers, if you dont, it could be hazardous to your health.

    "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched."

    George Bush, cited in the June, 1992 Sarah McClendon Newsletter

    from now on, id appreciate it if youd first look into issues a bit more before so quickly asking for info to be slapped on your lap. as I do, contrary to popoular belief have quite a busy schedual... and i I dont respond to certian posts, this doesnt mean I have nothing to say or I have been "found out" in any way, or proven wrong...you will get responses trust me...they just may be a bit longer than your usual ones. so beware of what you write.

    And for your information, I took that picture that looks like some high ass person went crazy with the airrush in photoshop outside my cousins house in st clair shores, Michigan. (id like to see you try and duplicate an original picture like that on photoshop. good luck) I have hundred more if you insist that its a fake, those are genuine right outta the sky photos...youll just have to take my GOOD WORD for it, as Im a pretty fuckin honorable and straightforeward guy, contrary to popular belief.

  6. Haha....photoshop it is...

    Suijuris I doubt most people here actually read all the text you wrote...Why dont you just summarize all that into one real short paragraph next time, so all us "lazy" people can have a chance to read too.

  7. well, I see I am not dealing with a higher level of intelligence here, so I will just remove myself now, and I hope that when push comes to shove, and you all realize this political world of yours isnt all its cracked up to be in your minds and I dont care wether you agree or disagree with anyone about anything about how this world is run or what it is...cause most likely its all bullshit anyway...

    Im going to go spend another five fuckin hours trying to paint white lines on a picture of the sky with photoshop....fuckers.

    that short and to the point for ya? complete with all the negatives you wanted so you can have reason to compete.

    sleep well.
  8. Once again I couldnt really understand the way you put that last post, but if you were saying that you were quitting the forum, let me start off by saying....

    Whatever, its your loss if you decide not to stay. There are many many intelligent people here. The thing is, your a little annoying bitch if all you do is talk like that and never chill out. You are the most ideal person NOT TO SMOKE WITH, because all you would do is kill my buzz. Whatever though, Im not complaining. Im just sayin, you should give the forum a few weeks and you'll see what im sayin.
  9. chill out a bit. lifes a bitch but whatcha gunna do? if u can do something about then go for it.i thought your post was interesting- a little harsh but i my interest was peeked.just stop stompin on us cuz you think we don't care. there are alot of very intelligent people here who do care.
  10. SuiJuris, if you would coherently say what you're getting at you would get a much more positive response. You keep saying and reffereing to things that no one but yourself seems to know about. I am a very open minded person, i just don't take things at face value so easily, especially when it's some person on the internet that I don't know.
    Most people here don't like Dubya or bush sr. (including me)
    Never the less, do you think Bush would care enough about anything (no matter how corrupt or misguided) to spend money to dump chemicals on people? I don't see how that would make him money, which is his main concern at the moment. You fail to give credible sources, and you can't seem to keep yourself from ranting. Maybe if you had a good solid point I could at least say "oh, well even if that isn't likely it makes sense so at least it's possible". I, however, am not saying that.
  11. My bad I was drunk and pissed off that last post. Just chill and stay a while, I hate George Bush but I wasnt pissed at you for any of the discussion you posted, I was pissed off at the response about how we are unintelligent and some other bullshit. Trust me many of us (including me :) are very intelligent people, sorry if I did anything to make you think differently.
  12. Hello everyone.

    First, I would like to apologize. I really do not wish to make enemies here, or anywhere else. My excuse for being such an asshole sometimes is that it gets frustrating when you cant peak anyones interest (or at least when it appears this way) in something you believe or even know is happening, things you witness on a daily basis, things which effects the way you live, and everything you know or think you know, and yet nobody seems to know about, or know what do do about it, or are even interested in hearing such 'extreme' ideas presented, and so I guess I have lost most of my personality when it comes to presenting such things to people in hopes that by reading the words i provide without inflection, one may see a possibility for just that; a possibility. and wish to know wether this possibility is more so than just that, and take matters further in thier own hands to try and fufill their curiousity.

    Seriously, chemtrails I know, are the least of the true worries out there.. hell, if these "wackos" are right, this planet x may very well wipe us out this coming april as it passes between us and temporarily ceases the earths spin while it shifts its magnetic bond from that of the sun to that of 'x' and then back. and then who cares who sprays what the hell ever into the air, so I understand the "lifes a bitch, watcha gonna do theory" but I just cant simply, comfortably and whole heartedly sit back and just let it all go away, as they say, once you pull your head out of the sand, you cant just stick it back in and expect everything that was negetive you learned while it was out, to fall away. with knowledge comes misery, and with misery comes...what? it all starts with one person... I am obviously not 'The one' ... so the point to all this, is again to say Sorry for coming off as a complete ass. I am not quiting this board, I know there are many openminded people here, who also express alternative ideas and theories (perhaps not as an extreme as mine, but then again they have labels for people like me..i think its called insane or even better, just another conspiracy theorist. something along those lines anyway) I am trying to enjoy myself here, and have been. I did not intend to demean anyone in anyway. so if it sounded like I did, I apologize for this too.

    The same 'theory' still applies however, perhaps we can discuss this further in a more open matter... Ill try and drop the cinicism. :)~

    have a nice day, take care.
    Ave atque vale.
  13. yet again, you seem to be leaving just enough info to make someone go..what in the blue hell is she talking about..

    if you said "hey, this is what im trying to tell you" it would turn out a lot better...before you can converse or debate..or whatever it is you intend on doing, both parties must be educated with the subject at hand...you have failed to educate us..of course were gonna be skeptical..
  14. Hmmm...Sounds just about right to me norm.

    Care to debate about something???

    You pick
  15. i dunno..whats something your strongly against?
  16. wow those are chemtrails

    very bad thing indeed

    government is spraying us with toxins

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