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Was a ripped off? 200 an O.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Findin, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Kinda new to weed, scooped an O off this for 200.

    People say it's mids, but my friend says its alright for the price. figured I'd come on here and ask. ;p

    the pics were takin with a cell phone, sorry for quality lol (;
  2. which pixel is the weed?
  3. haha right learn to take a pic man but 200 a zip for mids isn't too bad, as long as it gets you high and has no seeds. Hairs and good smell/buds would be a great addition as well but I can't tell from the pic haha.
  4. Cant really tell by the picture, looks alright to me though, as long as you got alooot more than is in this picture
  5. Hard to tell with how blurry it is but it doesn't look like an ounce, but idk the buds might be huge i cant tell from the picture. You should put another object in the picture like a phone or something so we have something to compare the size to.
  6. #6 Findin, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2011
    haha, theres a looooooot more then the picture lol. i just took a little bit out to take close up pics of. my camera on my phone is broken lol, sorry for the asscrack quality. Next time i get another I'll try to get an actual camera lmao. sorry bros.

    btw- this was my first post and you guys were mad nice, fuckin loveeee this site!

    Also, they were bright green with orange hairs on them, dont know if that helps lol. and there were very little seeds.

  7. riiiiight... I was being nice! :D
  8. fuck man, 200 dollars for an o of mids? that reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced!!!
  9. That doesn't look any where near a ounce!
  10. #10 Dryice, Aug 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 7, 2011
    $200 for an O of mids IS bad. I can't tell if they're mids or not, maybe OP will start a thread with better pictures next time. And where's the rest of the buds?
  11. oh mayn..

    nd i thought my pics were terrible.


    thanks bruh.. for makin me feel better.

    lol. but i would love to see a better pic tho..

    nd the rest of your medicine.
  12. Sounds pretty decent to me. Thats about the regular price for an ounce of mids where i live.
  13. Did you weigh it out...
  14. Wait wait... is this one of those pictures that if you stare at one spot long enough the whole thing comes together?
  15. $200 for a zip of mids is sorta rough. Around here it's $100
  16. damn 200 for a o of mids is a little over priced. and i cant really tell because the pictures suck but it looks really bricked so you got ripped i would ssy
  17. tell me thats not suppose to be the ounce...
  18. ha ha people need to read, he said he didn't photograph the whole thing.
  19. Did you take this pic with your scale bro
  20. i mean idk the price of mids but 200 a zip is pretty cheap

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