Warped tour pics/random

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by puffin'photog, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Whats up guys? I'm somewhat new around here so I figured I would post some pics

    most of these were shot with the good old 10d(forsale:p)

    Evergreen Terrace


    Greeley Estates


    Sky Eats Airplane


    Gym Class Heroes


    The Devil Wears Prada


    their not all my favorite, and I flat out don't like some; but they were chosen at random so...

    enjoy blades!
  2. Great photos!

    May I ask what kind of lens you used?
  3. nice pics! I'm so mad though as this is the first warped tour i've missed in the last 5 years. Sucks that other priorities have to take precedent :(

    Thanks for these!
  4. thanks :D

    and these were all taken with a sigma 30 1.4

    This was actually my 5th year as well; it was defiantly different from the other years, with alot more balance between the different genres of music

    but you gotta' do what you gotta' do, right? :)

    thanks for the compliments!
  5. This was the first year of warped i've missed in a while. I wasn't as excited for this one as the past, but I still wish I could have been there.

    Stupid work.
  6. SUCH a ridiculous picture of Andrew of Evergreen!!

    (Ridiculous in the best way possible.)
  7. Yeah, I had no intentions on going when they released the band per date list, but seeing bmth again sealed the deal

    and thanks alot!

    ahah thanks! they were the first band of the day, and definatly among the best
  8. Nice shots! I really like the first one... good timing.

    I used to have the Sigma 30mm for my Nikon, but I ended up selling it. Great lens though. :)

  9. thanks :)

    and alot of people end up selling this lens(as I will also, ff ftw), i hear alot of copies have focus issues, how was yours?
  10. So do all of those singers have the same tattoo artist, all their tats look the same
  11. Iv never seen the same full arm tatoo duplicated in my life,style wise they look similar though.BTW,i just got the 40D/24-70 2.8 L,thet prime lens looks better but i have no idea how to make this new toy sing yet let alone post work.Nice pix man.

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