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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thccrystals, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Be warned that mixing ALLERGY MEDICINE and MARIJUANA is a very dangerous thing!!

    Back a few years ago I was smoking with some friends and I had taken Claritin in the morning for my allergies. Shortly after finishing smoking, I began to have very negative side-effects including severe visual impairment that started off gradual and eventually made me 95% blind for a few minutes! During this time I told my firends I felt very sick and i needed a seat and some water. I was pretty scared and I felt very weak. I sipped on water and stared at the back of my hand untill i could see again. The whole 'trip' was about 2-3 minutes long. Shortly after I had this experience my friend had a similar(and more embarrassing) experience.

    We had just finished smoking a joint with some friends and we went into the mall. We hit up the food court first. My friend began to have the same side-effects as I did while he was paying for his pizza! He dropped his wallet and all the food on the floor, turned, stumbled backwards about 5 steps and fell hard to the ground. A lot of people were staring! He came to quicker than me though, he was only on the floor for maybe 10-20 seconds. He had also taken allergy medicine in the morning. I'll quote the nearest janitor, "you either drinka too much, or you smoka too much." This same friend complained of the same(but stronger) side effects after taking allergy medicine and drinking alcohol.

    Another similar event took place at a Slipknot Concert in NYC. Me and my friends smoked a joint before slipknot came on stage. I noticed one person we were with started wobbling around and leaning on people he didn't know. He then passed out and we literally carried him to the back(stopping to see 2 hot girls flashing 10 feet up on the balcony!). Believe me when i say it's a bitch to carry a friend from the front of a crowded concert to the back! He came to shortly after he saw the breasts.

    These are all serious situations that could have been a lot worse. Anyone else have, or know someone that has had, a similar experience?
  2. So u got Hayfever right, so have i smokin weed does irritate the eyes abit but i haven't had n e thing that drastic happining 2 me and i suffer quite badly from this allergy.
  3. It is when the allergy medicine and thc mix inside your body. It does not happen every time you mix the two things, BUT IT CAN HAPPEN!

    This never happened to any other Seasoned Toker? I'm getting suspicious.
  4. Hmmm yea i take all kinds of allergy medicane, i now take allegra D and some two nose sprays, and i havn't been noticing any different highs, def. no blindness
  5. You would definitely know if it hits you. I don't believe there is an in-between. Either you're fine or you're f*cked.
  6. Something like that happened to me about a year ago. Seeing as how I have bad allergies I wouldn't be surprised if I had taken some claritan or some allegra that day; I also got the nose spray shit too. I was staring off for a moment when my vision went a bit blurry. It looked like I was looking through a screen door or something and eventually I couldn't see at all. I tried to wait it out for a lil bit but it wasn't coming back so I told my friend and had to get him to lead me out. I had to hold onto my friends shoulder as we walked up the block. I couldn't see for a good 5 minutes until we sat down and took a rest on a curb somewhere. After laying down for a lil while my vision came back.

    I never thought of it as a reaction to allergy medicine though. I had always thought of it as getting light headed because that's how it started for me. I got light headed and had to sit down then lost my vision etc. Light headed would also explain why it would come back to ya after you lay down. And on a side note we had already finished smoking when this happened so it wasn't that I had just taken a big hit or anything.
  7. neva noticed a thing like that... and i've been on both Zirtek and claritin and toked a plenty.

    no bad side effects.
  8. Haven't experienced that. I ahve taken allegra D and smoked with no bad reactions. Although I have gotten real stoned and stood up and gotten massive head rushes to where I'm almost certain I'm going to pass out, but I ahven't yet...
  9. We had been standing for a while already when this happened. Plus it was serveral minutes after we finished smoking. It wasn't a normal feeling of light headedness! Losing your vision for 5 minutes is not being light headed!! Doctors tell patients all the time not to mix medications b/c it can multiply the effects!

    I wish I could understand why it dosn't happen all the time, or what makes it happen when it does occur.
  10. I take claritin, and nothing like that has ever happened to me.

  11. No I had been smoking several times a week for like 3 years. It was some good dro but nothing Spectacular, ya know? The visuals reminded me of acid at first(before I went totally blind), but I know the stuff was not laced. it only happened to one person of the cyph each time it occured. There really is no other explanation. My guess is the amount of food you have in your system plays a part too. If you are 'running on empty' and then you smoke, you will get very blazed.
  12. im sorry but this has never happened to me. Ill take my meds which include zoloft and zyrtec and then go smoke a bowl and nothing ever happens. I hate to say this but i think some one was freaking out and it ended up just way to bad.
  13. Heres a suggestion that maybe it was dehydratoin! It can happen at concerts and thccrystals said she sat down and had some water and in a few minutes it was gone. Just a thought...
  14. i wasn't freaking out. i went f*cking blind because the claritin i took and the weed i smoked was a horrible combination. It was more intense then tripping on lsd, although it was short-lived.
  15. dude your claritin didn't make you blind, trust me.
  16. Good ting I don't get hayfever or any other allergies for that matter :D

  17. Me too. Plus I take Zyrtec when my allergies are really bad, and I take Zoloft and Xanax and nothing has ever happened to me. Thccrystals, I think you are making the wrong association. You were probably not hydrated enough and then you smoked, and we all know that pot dehydrates you a bit, and bam, you became dehydrated. From now on drink water before and after you smoke and I almost gaurantee this will never happen to you again.
  18. I think I know what your talking about, but I dont know what causes it. I doubt it is any medication cause ive had it happen a couple of times and ive seen ti happen to people.

    Your vision goes blurry and the color kinda fades out, i always just sat down and it would pass. Its just like extremely light headedness. If you hurt yourself badly while high or you smoke a joint right after you hurt yourself this can trigger it too. One time i broke my finger and smoked a joint and it happened and another time we smoked a joint and then my friend fell down some stairs and hurt himself pretty bad and it happened again. Sometimes it seems to happen for no reason though. Weed is a strange marvelous thing.
  19. I asked the Doc

    and the answer was
    (drum roll please)

    Said its not possible for an alergan to affect marijuana in any way... althought i do know a person who said they went blind or blacked out but he doesnt take any alergy meds.
  20. yeah dude that happens to me but its nothin to worry about i dont take any meds, i just like an stoned and take a bigass hit and hold it in for lie 30-45 seconds and when i exhale i "go blinde" for sometimes a couple mins

    it also happens if im stoned and i stand up and get a headrush. Sometimes i get a headrush from standing up without weed but being high just seems to magnify it

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