Warning Zonksucker A Scam!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by tripleherb, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Do not buy the pipe from wwww.zonksucker.com it is a scam. I ordered the pipe and never recieved it. I have been trying to contact the head honcho but nobody will respond to my many emails. I have sent over 50 messages to two different addresses provided to me: info@zonksucker.com and djwalt@saol.com. I am out 29$ so do not make the same mistake I did. DO NOT BUY THE ZONKSUCKER BECAUSE YOU WILL BE THE SUCKER.
    peace stay high
  2. Grasscity has a link to the ZonkSucker websight, I thought grasscity would make sure their links are ligit but I guess you can't catch everbody.

  3. where? I can find it either?
  4. Yep, this is about the only place I'll order from... I know I'm not gonna get ripped off, and for the most part prices are good. If I was gonna order from somewhere else, I can only think of one other place that has a good reputation.

    haha, I think I ordered from a former grasscity website a few years back.... It was something like www.nationaltobaccoalliance.com (don't worry mods, they don't exist now), I can't remember the name exactly right now but i said about it in another post before. Anyways, I noticed grasscity has another website with "bong" in the name, with a link to this shop on the main page.
    The nta website was the place I was gonna make 'my shop'... When I went to order again from the NTA website and realised it was now only for mass orders or something like that, I was bummed out, then it eventually dissapeared. I bought my parts from them... wish I could here.
  5. thats why i like local headshops, you get to look at, touch, pick up anything to get a feel for it...and u CANT get ripped off
  7. Um, I must of been a little bit high and mistook grasscity for another websight w/ the link to www.zonksucker.com. So I apologize if anyone from here was offended. But alll the same, Mr. I-am-going-to-take-your-money-and-then-ignore-you-ZonkSucker needs to grow two balls and get a real job and stop ripping people off on the internet. He's creating a lot of bad Karma by decieving people.
  8. ok I dont even know where to begin a) that looks liek a shitty pipe b)the site owner didnt even spend more then 5 minuts making that site c)It has no forum or anything that you could read to see if others liked it ect and d) you should have bought it fro meither A)grasscity.com or b) your local head shop
  9. yea man, how could you possibly want to buy a pipe who's catch phrase is "the best pipe to smoke your weed out of"

    I mean, seriously lol :D

  10. very true, but prices at headshops are much greater than prices off of the internet, the only downside being you dont get to touch and take a closer look at the quality on the internet.
  11. "What is this ?

    Just a bike part Mom

    Part of my skateboard

    Just a car part

    A Zonk Sucker Mom"

    That had to be the funniest give-away on that whole site. Scam a dam ding dong.
  12. Personally I don't see how you even thought that was worth 30 bucks.

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