WARNING WARNING jocks watch out for them skater guys!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Krypto, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Okay, before you click this link, there is some BAD content on it....no porn or anything like that....Its a guy getting the shit kick outta him....After you watch it look at the guy running towards the skater dude LOL his food his all crooked and hes totally messed up....You may have to watch it a few times before you actuallyPosted: 2003-12-15 05:57 AM Post subject: random skateboard kid > random jock kid

    Deleted Link

  2. thats from steve-o's movie. it was in mexico, they cant use the footage in the US.
  3. Damnnn... was that blood I saw on the ashphalt? This isn't the only movie where a skater fucked up some jocks. check this out] In this one though, the jocks had it coming because they fucked with the wrong dude.

    Edit: Oh nevermind, I didn't see any blood...but I reckon that guy had a ton of bruises.
  4. That was kinda sick.. made me feel kinda woozy afterwards... people like that give skaters a bad name....
  5. yea man, that guys was fucking dick... fuck 'em I say
  6. That "sk8r" is so cool. He really showed him.:rolleyes:

    If I saw anyone do that to anyone else i'd run him over with my car. But wait, that would bring me down to their level.

    I was afraid that he was going to hit that woman in the beginning.

    What I'd like to see is a real fight. Not that bullshit. Although the first part was somewhat funny. lol.

  7. Wow good video man. You're right, that dudes gait is all fucked up!
  8. err Food I mean foot sorry...Now I'll comment on this video...I thought it was pretty lame what the skater dude did, I mean the guy didnt come forth to him threateningly...He approached him tryin to put him in a headlock...I mean the guy was pissed about his car and it looked like he was trying to settle it out in a nice way...Anyway I'm pretty pissed at those people for not even stopping the guy, I mean thats messed up just watching someone get the shit kicked outta them...It made my stomach churn when I saw this....Okay so now...how many times have you watched this?I'm up to 23.......BTW yes this is a bad video and I dont think its "cool"...dunno something for the guys to watch I guess!!!
  9. wow thats fucked up....

    Why the fuck wouldnt anyone stop him? w/e i hate ppl like that. Who the hell thinks what he did was cool?
  10. what the fuck...?

    i hate skaters. im sorry. im buddies with a few, but as a hole, you guys just suck... there. i said it.

    there is NOTHING i hate more than when someone hits somebody with their skateboard... yea thats tough?? if i was there, i would i beat the living hell out the scrub bastard.
  11. I dont hate all skaters at all, but that guy gives skaters a bad name. I cant beileve he got away with that, I wish the video ended with him getting a good beat down. He deservse it.
  12. if i were that guy in the white shirt, the first time that punk swung his board at me I would of broke his jaw.
  13. What a pussy. That was one of the most unfair "fights" I've ever seen, seeing as I would be pissed like shit if someone skated on the top of my car, and then he just hits him with a skateboard when the jock was just trying to protect his property? Come on now. If he's going to fight, do it without any damn weapons. Yes, he does give us skaters a bad name.
  14. or you fuck up a gang member and you got 20 mexicans after your ass.

  15. what do mexicans have to do with anything?
  16. dude, thats fucking savage...the guy who did it needs to get curb stomped....well maybe not THAT bad, but a good ass beating....

    go to http://www.bumfights.com/indecline/ and download the preveiw, and if u wanna see the entire thing, then download 'bumfights' on kazaa.
  17. this is NOT acceptable and fucking sick. These suburban white asshole "punk skaters" with their expensive cameras and no respect for anyone would be killed in an instant if they tried that where im from. Im removing the link to this movie...If you desperately wish to see it then I suggest you PM and ask the starter of this thread privately..this is unacceptable

    Its one thing to be a dumbass with your friends on camera..But when you cause damage to private property and assault someone like that you've crossed the line. This is the exact reason why people like me carry two foot blades in the back of their cars....these little punkasses would be missing their fingers by nights end if I were there. Hopefully someone eventually called the police, and even better I hope these kids own film got them in trouble..and if not, then karma will take care of these pittyless swines...and they ask the rest of our society to accept them and their sport when they do this kind of shit?...whether or not its an example of a true skater (and I know this is an exeption..) its still just as bad when other people forward on this gruesome bullshit for everyone to see..it makes you no better than the asshole in the film.

  18. lol, I know yer not kidding since I have at least two friends who do the same thing (one has a machete and the other has his sword collection, lol), and another who has this giant sharp hook on a rope (I think he just likes how it looks)
  19. Okay Nubbin, since you wanna try to judge me then you can go straight to hell sir. Hmm...I'm no better than the person in the film?Well sir you dont know me now do you?Okay so, see why I put warning on it so people wouldnt get offended...You make it sound like I think it was real cool what he did...No way you've got it all wrong, what the guy did was total bullshit so dont make it seem like I'm the bad guy..k?...Also, it didnt break any of the rules of the site. I'm sorry for posting it, but dont make me seem like I'm the one with smashed his head in...And yah I know I'm probably going to get banned after this post anyway. In addition, you could of moved it to pandoras box instead of removing the link...Theres alot worse stuff on TV..

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