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  1. Hi,

    I'm sure this won't affect most of you, but I just thought I'd pass on some knowledge I gained from a nurse after a check-up... IF you snort coke, or indeed anything else, never ever share notes/straws with anybody, as its a real easy way to catch hepatitis and other blood-borne pathogens. If the other person(s) using the note have the common coke-bleed, and any blood at all gets onto that note, and you stick it up your nose into teh mucous membranes, you can catch these things from them! I didn't know this until recently, and since I've been really careful not to do that the past couple of times I've snorted, and tbh I probably won't ever do it again...not worth the money or hassle IMO.

  2. good advice, this should be moved to pandoras box, where all the hard-drug takers chill.
  3. erm... i dont know how to move it now ive written it...d'oh

  4. copy, paste?
  5. yeah ive done that, i thought id have to do something more complicated, like moving the entire thread rather than creating a new one.

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