WARNING: This is a rant.

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  1. alright guys and gals.. i've had a stressful day and i have no where else to talk about this besides here. i'm sick of this highschool drama.

    so i'm at one of my long time friend's house, and it's a pretty chill evening. we got the fire goin', i'm sippin' on a four loko, life is good. i'm with my girl, having a wonderful social night with the group.

    until i run out of cigarettes. no big deal, i'll finish my four loko and go to the smoke shop to get a pack.

    before i finish my loko, i'm in dyer need of a smoke. (i know, smokings bad, i'm well aware of the health effects.) so i go up to this lady i saw smoking. now keep in mind not everyone here knows each other. it's like the party house, every night of the week about 20 people gather at this neighborhood, and anyone can come and go as they damn well please.

    so i walk up to her, whom i didn't know and my girlfriend didn't know. i asked her if i could get a cigarrette.

    she said 'sure, but you have to give me a sip of that loko.'

    no problem, i say fair trade. so i get my cig, she takes a few drinks and i head back to the bench to sit with my babe.

    i go to put my arm around her, and she pushes me away and storms off like a pissed of 16 year old on her period.

    so i follow her, and ask her what's wrong. she has the look in her eyes, i know you guys know how it is when your female's upset.

    she wouldn't say a word to me. i stood there asking her what was wrong for at least a minute, then she went inside. the window was open, so i said to her:

    'babe, i'm going to the smoke shop then i'm heading home. do you want a ride?'


    at this point i'm kind of aggravated. so i go to the smoke shop and head home. as soon as i walk in the door, i get a text.

    'are you giving me a ride home?'

    i says 'i thought you were mad at me?'

    'i am, kinda i guess.'


    'i dunno, ***** told you!'

    'well then you do know. i gave that girl a drink of my four loko in exchange for a cigarette.'

    2 hours later, still no response. well, i guess it's time for me to make some beer brats and surf the city. goodnight all. and if you read this far, thanks. i appreciate it.

    Edit: and no, i'm not in highschool. i should have said highschool-like drama.
  2. just ignore her.

    if she's going to have a tantrum because you gave some chick a sip of your drink then you really don't need to waste your time with her. talk about jealousy to the max...
  3. So wait, she's pissed at you because you talked to another female and got a cigarette in exchange for a hit off your drink?

    Your chick is crazy, don't bother trying to sort it out. Either she'll get over it, or she won't because she's crazy. :p
    But I mean, either way she's crazy. So really... there's just a "too much" amount of "crazy" going on here.

    I am a female by the way. Sometimes that matters, being a chick and saying this other chick is crazy. I don't know, it's a thing. Figured I'd mention.
  4. thanks for a ladies input JD. always good to try and hear how the opposite sex's mind works.

    but she ended up texting back, a couple hours after i posted the thread. she apologized for blowing her hinge, and i accepted. she knows i don't like drama, and i'm an extremely generous person.

    but i can tell she actually meant it. we've been together for 8 months, and this is the worst thing that's happened to far.

    but i'm gonna' go out and buy her dinner, try to reset the atmosphere. you know how awkward it can be after an argument. so, later blades.

    it's crazy how grasscity in itself calms me down.
  5. dude shes a girl they are all crazy dont let it get the best of you (david grohl voice)
  6. thats a good idea, she has a temper tantrum so you should take her out for dinner
  7. that's just who i am. i didn't take her out because she had a tantrum, i did it like i said, to ease the tension.

    yeah she apologized, but she wasn't comfortable yet. and it worked, things are fine now.
  8. 8 mos and that is as bad as it's been. Hold into that one cause we chics are fkn nuts and that was minor for a worst ever moment. You were super cool about it. Props on not letting the nay sayers on here pump your head up. Most of them would of kissed ass so again, props to you!
  9. Not worth it man.
    You didn't do anything wrong don't stress and ignore her until she apologises, unless she's a supermodel I couldn't cope with a chick who sulks over dumb shit like that.

  10. yo... this chick knows what the fuck she's talkin' about!
  11. Just say, "You know that was kind of ridiculous right." She should respond in the affirmative. Then tell her you're over it.
  12. Whatwhatwhat????????

    Since when-...
    how the-...
    Where- ...
    You're a ladie??
  13. She probably wants you to be as coo' with her as you were with that other chick.

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