Warning Story For Schizophrenia

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  1. So... a couple days ago I posted a thread saying how I tripped out on some good Mary Jane and I had a good time with it... Well it's now approximately 4 days later from that experience and I have went from Marijuana friendly to no more for me. So I'll tell you about my experience last night, A couple of friends and I wanted to have a smoke sesh so we all pitched in and by the end of the night it was probably 6-7 bong bowls and they were Giant bowls too. One friend put wax in the first bowl so we could all "Dab" a little bit and get hella high. I got real high yeah, after my first rip of the bong I was already baked, and I'm not to sure when my hallucinations started but I was waiting for them, and usually I can control them fairly well. So we smoked and smoked and it came to a point where I felt completely normal. High but normal, I tried talking with my friends and throw out the night they started noticing that I didn't look right, apparently my face was all contorted and I had a smug face like I was about to kill one of them, after I tried talking with them, they told me I wasn't making any sense, but I still felt normal. It came to the point where I stopped and tried to think about what I was going to say and I realized that's i sounded like a complete Crazy person. I had little control over myself and it just got worse and worse. They all came down after about three hours and we all just chilled, but I still felt like I was baked as hell and this lasted another two hours... I think I'm done smoking for a long while, maybe even for good. This is just a warning to all you with Schizophrenia who smoke, I smoked for about a year before any of this crazy shit started happening. Please take my advise And be careful.

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