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Discussion in 'General' started by popers111, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. ok so my mom found all my stuff because she checked the history so my warning is for every1 who has to hide thear shit.

    every time u get off the come go to ur favorites and then to history and deleat it. thats how my mom found out that i smoke.

    i just dont want any1 else to get caught this way.;)
  2. This thread is 100% Useless as Fuck...
  3. my firwfox is set to clear history and everything after i close it =]
  4. totaly
  5. One time, my friend was cybering with a chick. His mom got on his comp, checked him AIM read the conversation and bitched at HIM for it. I thought it was fun-nay and apprapoe to the thread.
  6. OR just stop frequenting a website that's not for minors.
  7. i just live with my mom for the summer befor i go to collage.

  8. collage?
  9. Get your own computer.


  10. What is collage?
  11. you're a noob... these things happen?:smoke:
  12. I used safari's private browsing back in high school.
    Basically you turn it on whenever you don't want your comp to record your history or cookies.

    God I love macs.
  13. Should've just said some of your friends started smoking and you just wanted to do some research, unless she saw your posting history that seems pretty legit.
  14. i never get white people.
  15. no offense to the white people out there; but i dont get them either man.
  16. If you cant even spell College correctly, then I think your not ready for college....
  17. QFT

    ....are you the dude from "Accepted" that created your own fake college to fool everyone ? haha . if so, you failed miserably
  18. Your going to collage? Guessing you just grajuated?
  19. so is mine and i only use ff for gc

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