WARNING: Marijuana may cause...

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  1. Shorter explanation is below this bible sized one I made below. I tend to ramble when I'm stoned :smoke:

    Bet you thought I was gunna be some herb hating a-hole, here to press my straight edge believes on you. But its quite the opposite. I'm currently writing a speech for a public speeking class. We have to make a presentation in which we must try to not only convince our classmates to join our cause, but to actually get them intrigued in the subject (as determinded by what the professor observes). I've chosen, of course, the state of marijuana in human culture (past and present, along with the fight for legality. One thing I wanted to do was create a entertaining graphic for one of the more prominent arguements for marijuana legalization. The comparison between alcohol and marijuana, the obvious risk factor difference, and the ever more obvious legality difference. This is obviously a 'pro-marijuana' presentation, so I need you creative chaps to come up with some legit sayings that begin with 'WARNING: Marijuana may cause..'. Things such as 'WARNING: Marijuana may cause the munchies', except less horribly cliche and boring. You can do ones talking negatively about alcohol too if you want, just try to keep them funny. You get the picture. Id do this myself, but I thought it'd be fun to see what you guys can come up with. Don't worry about language, my prof. doesn't give a hootenanny. Thanks errbuddy.

    <[Short explanation]>

    Write a funny little saying starting with 'WARNING: Marijuana may cause...'
  2. may cause you to get thc in your brain
  3. WARNING: Marijuana use may cause uncontrollable laughter followed by the rapid emptying of the fridge.
  4. I feel going pro marijuana is too easy to do for a paper.

  5. K? The subject to write something your passionate about and convince others to join. Who's gunna be interested in you if you go on stage to bitch and complain about your subject. No body. I've gotta design an entire video game with only a team of 4 people, in 3 months time. Not really putting much effort into 'challenging myself' in a Public Speaking class.

    And Exodus. Eat a bowl of menthal flavored cocks, ya peach. Your opinions can blow me.

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