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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ--faib7to]YouTube - Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery[/ame]

    Really Cruel animal abuse goin on here that shit is fucked up. Don't watch if you are a animal lover or have a weak stomach. This shit is goin on everyday but I loves me some chicken :eek:
  2. Im sorry but I couldnt help but laugh when the chickens fell into the grinder.
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    people are being such pussys about these videos.

    man what does it matter how they are treated there are so many of those little bastards in existence and we need food to eat

    so in my opinion people need to just accept that it happens and get over it.

    stop being a pussy


    even worse then that Chicken pussy shit.. but yet i still fucking love burgers!!!!
  4. i saw this. depressing. but survival of the fittest. and yea i love chicken :D
  5. Humanity has almost completely detached itself from nature... Quite depressing really. :(

    I don't need to watch those videos, I already know what kind of atrocities are going on. There are ways to slaughter animals humanely, but nobody cares any more... agriculture has become so small and industrialized. Instead of buying local products it's mass-produced, and most people have forgotten what it's really like to raise their own animals and tend to their own gardens ... so in a way they become dependant.
  6. youre fucked up in the head if you laugh at life being thrown into a fuckin grinder.

    but yeah this is pretty messed up.

    i agree with what Dimethyltrip is sayin, way more humane ways to kill our 'food'
  7. YES it may be fucked up that we people have to grind baby chickens to survive but its equally as fucked up that those animal lovers make us all watch this shit.
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    not really,we dont 'have' to grind up any animal while theyre alive.
    id rather see the vid's and buy from companies that dont do this, then be blind to the fact that my food's getting torchered and support these companies.

  9. too much is hidden from the public eye these days. Its just reality.

  10. Truth.

  11. but its all supurflouous. we need to grind those motherfuckers whether you show that video to people or not.

    how about bringing some real shit thats "hidden from the public eye" out into the open. btw motherfucker, those people have no right to the video shot inside that factory. the factory does. we should have been sneaking a camera into GITMO not some fucking hatchery. get real people. animals dont mean shit compared to the problems us humans have ourselves. we got out hands full.
  12. People do not have to grind up baby chickens to survive. There are humane ways to raise animals and they are not being followed.
  13. Man i know i was warned about the video but i just picked up some kfc and was about to smoke a jay and devour it. Now i might have that in my head. Hopefully i forget b4 i eat
  14. very sad I agree. I also agree with the fact that there are millions of these chicks and we do need to eat. its the natural food cycle.

  15. Settle down. You're going to have an aneurysm.

    People do not NEED fried chicken. People WANT MSG and fried chicken.

    Stating animals don't mean shit emphasizes your level of understanding and intelligence.

    Stating "what people don't know wont hurt them" is the most ignorance.

    How can you come to realize we have our hands full, without accepting all of the problems as a whole. We cannot cherry pick our societies problems, or we will end up like mexico...oh wait...
  16. Honestly, shit like this makes me hate loving the taste of chicken so much. What if humans were treated this way in modern society? All forms of life feel pain and percieve life, and these animals did not control the fact that they were born as animals, yet no one really seems to care.

    Call me a pussy all you want, but I know that if I was a chicken I sure wouldn't want this shit happening just so humans could have an enjoyable meal, and if I knew this shit would happen for me I would try my damned hardest to bail.
  17. :p lollolol

  18. glad to see you feel that way lol.... and ur avatar picture is the symbol for Mcdonalds.. LOL
  19. doesnt really have anything to do with what he was sayin.
    he said he eats chicken but almost doesnt want to cus its fucked up.
    the post has nothin to do with not supporting the companies.

  20. Ohhh I get it. You came to this conclusion based on the fact that all vegetarians die after they stop eating meat. Makes perfect sense.


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