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!!!WARNING!!! Been Targeted???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CannaClay, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. #1 CannaClay, Jan 25, 2010
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    I got an interesting pm from a person who had just joined 2 days ago and had no posts, threads, anything like that and asked me this...


    edit:hey im a seasoned toker of the sweet mary jane that lives around grapevine. The unchilled out thingy is i am kinda dry. I was hopin you could jazz me in the right way for some sweet buddha stanky, u kno its chill im college age so peace easy!

    Hey have u ever blazed with anyone famous or any musicians and whats your favorite concert high?

    free the herb!


    Smells like a pig. I mean a college kid who uses pot terms like that??? I am college age and don't usually use terms like that ever. So anyway I told him about Grasscity's strict policy and that no hook-ups should be asked for, mentioned, or anything like that and then told him about this cool thread I read about finding herb in your area. Like using stoner lingo and crap like that around possible pot smokers I was polite to him but also let him know that I don't truely know if he is down with the herb or not then wished him on his quest to find it.

    So I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, and kind of remind everyone the rules so this sight can live on. It is filled with endless knowlege.

    ..and what do you guys think about this message?
  2. Yeaaaa, that looks pretty sketchy.
  3. cop pork bacon
  4. looks a bit sketchy to me

    but u never kno it could just be some kid that saw u were from his area that doesnt kno shit!

    unless u have a good reason to be targeted then idk why anyone would do that
  5. you should reply back "all info I post here is fictitious and marijuana is illegal etc" then see what he says
  6. You can report PM's just as you can post or threads. Any time I get a PM like that I just hit the Report button.
  7. yeah ive have some mails before asking for hookups, i just ignore them.
  8. goddamn i got something similar a week ago, i just ignored it. it's either just a sketchy dude or the law, neither of which i want anything to do with :wave:
  9. i've gotten a few, but more often than not its people just asking for tips and not actual hook ups.
  10. Who the fuck talks like that???!!??
  11. hahahahhaa i smell bacon bro! thanks for looking out for everyone. +rep
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    It's nice that you wanna give us the heads up, but by posting the message, you're breaking the rules, as well

    15. Posting private messages, emails or chats from another member within the open forums is not allowed. Posting another person's private information, including pictures, is also not allowed.

    Just giving you a heads may want to edit your post

    It happens the message or pm a mod about it, but don't post it.
  13. I get pm's like that all the time. Some of the persistent ones will send pm's repeatedly. No reason to be overly concerned. Just follow the rules and everyone will always be fine.
  14. yeah I saw that he signed on this morening at 10:00 am got my pm and did not respond, I think he got the message. Grasscity Live On! while the pigs keep squeeling...

    By the way I am stealing that qutoe for my signature, thanks.

  15. Ya, rules are against asking for hookups...and it reeks of bacon:eek:
  16. "Jazz me in the right way for some sweet buddha stanky"?

    :laughing: It's like Dragnet found its way to GC
  17. had something similar but this person had no posts and was a member here since december asking for a share of my harvest and to email him or meet up with him to talk about it. I just reported and he was banned gotta be careful pigs can use this as a tool not to get the evidence but try to meet up or talk to them to eventually charge u.. beware
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