Warm White LED? whaaa!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bolthero, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. any thoughts?
  2. Beam Angle:120 degree

    these are not grow lights.
  3. ahhh i didnt even look at the beam angle lol. I know they are not grow lights, but neigther are CFL's :ey: I was just wondering if they could be used but guess not. The only standard grow lights you get are HPS/MH other than that all other lightsources are way too inefficient for growing...
  4. Led flowering is not the problem. The problem is trying to flower with underpowered lights. Noone would even try to flower with 90 watts of HPS/MH. Also most led's are rated at their maximum potential light output, and then run at 40% to 80% of that actual power. So alot of those cheap 90w ufo's are only using ~60 actual watts (fans included).
    In led's with white light, most of the spectrum is wasted.One of the biggest advantages in led are dialing in to the exact light spectrum.

    The problem with led flowering is in finding a powerful led for a good price. A little research on GC will show there are at least 3 brands of led lights that are fine for all stages of growth.

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