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  1. What's up fam? I live in cape cod and we're looking at a couple 60 degree days coming up. And no night will be below 40 ish . Judging by the fact that march 17th we get 12/12 light and the winter was so warm( and is so over) I was thinking of planting some seeds. Do you think it will be safe, or a waste
    Ps I have fem seeds that I bought and regular ones that I bred
  2. Not to sure... I bought a small greenhouse to start in back in the woods... 20 bucks at biglots 4'x4'x3' started germinating yesterday inside the weather isent supposed to be below 42 degrees at night for 10 days... Im in eastern Indiana...
  3. Do not put plants outside until the light cycle has lengthened to 14 hours or your plants will start to flower, then reverse in the middle of the growing season.

  4. There autos... Sry Dident mention that.. will be doing my others on 4-20...
  5. Listen , im Jamaican , I grew up with old school Rastas who were born in the 1930s, and I been growing on my own for over 4 years, and let me tell you ..,,,,,,,,.,....... SPROUTS n SUCKERS DON'T FLOWER! EVER! they always need at least a few weeks veg.
  6. Even clones dont immediately flower
  7. cmon man. you know its going to get cold as hell outside again, you live in cape cod! i live in ohio and even here it isnt safe to put anything outside until memorial day.....strange weather we get sometimes

  8. I know, ubt every year I have X amount of plants that have actually made it from february and March, surprisingly, I know how to make them even start in freezing seasons, I usually do it with bag seed/regular homebred, and I always end up with equal male-females (NO HERMIES EVER!!!) and they are done by End of september
  9. In Cape Cod, where the weather doesnt average low 40's at night until 420ish

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