Warm Hellos: Fayetteville Arkansas

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by AdventCybernetic, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone! I've read some Grasscity posts in the past but never really joined the discussion. Because I really find myself missing stoner culture, I decided it was high time to jump in. I recently moved to Fayetteville AR with my wife and things have been pretty drab. I cut my long hair for a desk job and now I'm just another white guy in a collared shirt! It's been really hard finding like minded people at an office, so here I am to join my brethren on the web!

    I hope everyone is well.

  2. Hey bro, hopefully you've found some stoners to chill with by now. But welcome to Fayetteville, I recently just moved up here from Dallas about 6months ago.
  3. Hope you find some like-minded people up there!  I'm down in Eureka Springs myself and haven't been able to find anyone or anything.
  4. Hey I'm in northwest Arkansas...unfortunately a lot of kids play the game and don't know what there doing...hard to get a good connect because of that...if not prove me wrong been living in the area for 10+ years

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  5. What's up guys, I just moved up to fayetteville not too long ago too. Same situation as you're in minus the wife. Had a good thing going back home but on to a new start in nwa. @AdventCybernetic@Thewhatley
  6. Hello NWA, wish I would've jumped on the boards before my trip up to Rogers last weekend! I'm in LR but occasionally make it up that way. I always hear people complaining about finding steady, reliable medicine up there. It must be due to all the college kids trying to dabble and have no idea what they are doing. Little Rock does not have that problem....this week I have Space Queen and OG Skywalker. PM me on here if you ever make it down to Little Rock and want to hang with a friendly, professional, stoner!
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    Hey y'all, moved to Fayetteville for school at the beginning of the fall semester from Houston, really like it here, but haven't been able to find a steady connect since I've been here. Would really love some help finding some good with this weather coming thru!

    and on another note, yeah college kids here don't seem to be as prone to the culture as in other places, frat guys too busy doubling up on mopeds, and no smoking on campus so there aren't those easy to spot groups who just post-up until they get enough $5's together to buy a sack, who would be happy to help anyone locate
  8. Hey everyone, dont live in fayetteville yet but I do work in springdale. Living in southwest mo atm. Wanting to move down thay way soon.
  9. feel free to pm when you do, lived here for about 4 months and still know very few ppl and have no decent connects @[member="cloudedhead"]
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    I also came here from Texas (Houston) but at the beginning of the semester

    man any help locating would be greatly appreciated

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