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  1. hey guys and gals was just wondering when would be a good time to use warm flouro's i am using 6 40 cool white tube bulbs here's what my plant looks like i also have 2 13 watt bulbs in the pot to get some light under the plant leaves

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  2. I believe that the warm flouros are used for flower however; you can add them in now if you like.
  3. when using fluoros, the more light usually the better. you can add them now .
  4. can you use cool white cfls for flowering or do u need warm fluoros?
  5. you can use cool whites, but you wont have right spectrum for good bud production, warm white have the red spectrum you want for bud set. you can mix'em up if ya want to. It's all good, good luck
  6. i think my plant is in trouble 2 of my lower leaves have brown dry spots on a quarter of them what do i need to do to prevent all the leaves to brown and dry
  7. Now the conversation needs to switch over to
    Type of soil you have...
    Have you fertilized yet?
    What is your watering schedule?
  8. the type of soil i use is scotts yes i started ferts i only use a quarter of what the directions call for and i usually water every 4 days and the plant is under 240 watts of 48" flouro's and the fert i am using is maricle grow and i been using aqua fina bottled water
  9. Does this Scotts soil have any time release ferts or added ferts in it by any chance?

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