Warlords of Draenor

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    Pretty excited, hope blizzard has finally done something right.

  2. It looks like its gunna be pretty good with the whole garrison concept.
  3. I gotta tell u i absolutely love playing world of warcraft but it seems like the game has lost so many players that i wasnt enjoying it as much. I was hard to find people to spend extensive amounts of time playing with lol

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  4. I played five levels into the beta, and can honestly say it's the best Warcraft game they've ever made.
  5. looks like typical Blizzard, still releasing content for their shit game that ppl just cant seem to stop playing for whatever reason

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  6. 4 more hours until it's out. I'm ready, got everything set up.
  7. Just dinged 91. I like it so far.
  8. Had to work today so I just got home to a 5k queue haha. Gonna be a while before I can start leveling.
  9. Sat in the queue until I got to position 135. Disconnected and logged back in to 4,000 people ahead of me.

    Launch day hopes dashed.
  10. Down to 2500 in queue haha! Playing HotS in the meantime. I probably won't even get to play tonight because I have work in the morning. 
  11. Gotta love blizz
  12. Hell yeah, playing my fury war and smoking all night today
  13. Too bad its down for the next 5-8483936373 hours :(
  14. I am not having any problems on aggramar eu 
  15. Yeah they did maintenance on US servers today, which seemingly did nothing. Attempting to log in now, guess I'll be playing more Li Li. 
  16. Add my btag if anyone is interested. I lead a guild of 1000+ players. Joey93#1850
  17. I think I'm going to resurrect my WoW account to play this. I have alot of down time at work and it seems like the perfect game. Can someone explain the garrison concept to me?
  18. You basically gather resources to build up your garrison, and place work orders based upon which buildings you bought. There are many to choose from. You can also get herbs and ores from your own personal garden and mine. It really is neat :)

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