Wario Ware

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  1. Amazing fun time. I'm so glad I picked this up for Wii. Me and my buddies indulged in 2 normal bowls and 1 fat kief bowl of grandaddy purple and spent the night with this Wario Ware: Smooth Moves game.

    Best group stoner game ever. EVER.

    Has anyone else played any of the series? Microgames never get old, :smoke:.
  2. Played the Gamecube one.
    Yeah definately a fun party game.
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    OMG this game is rediculously incredible.....

    I played this game this past friday over a friends house......

    Saturday I bought a wii and smooth moves.....

    I then proceeded to waste the rest of saturday and almost all of sunday playing it.....

  4. hilarious game, seemed kind of short but that isnt really the point of the game. Some of the mini games are so random and out of the blue... but that just makes it even more funny

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