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  1. So my bro just recently jumped into the table top version of this game. He has been reading the books and playing the games for a long while now. He bought the paints, tools, and everything he needed for the Tomb King army (he is doing fantasy).

    He then bought me a Skaven army under the conditions that I buy the rest. So pick up some non-citadel stuff (where do they get off on their prices?) and started cleaning up models. I'm going with a Soviet Union theme for them. I'm having fun thus far, and am looking forward to actually playing the game.

    Anyone else here take part in the time sync that is Warhammer?
  2. Time and money sink ha ha.

    I've been building a Stirland Empire army for about ten years now. Hardly ever play the game but I love the creativity that the miniature range supports.

    40K wise I've been a lifelong Astartes fan. Got a pretty decent Dark Angels force and an Alpha Legion Traitor force.

    But maining I read the Black Library stuff that is put out. The Heresy has been absolutely incredible so far.
  3. I have a project log going over at heresy online so I figured I would post my progress so far;

    41 out of 96 troops
    41 of 96 bodies.jpg

    Some monks looking more like Russian conscripts. :hello:

    With some washing and shitty highlights.
    better pics robe high 2.jpg
    better pics robe high 1.jpg

    As I make progress I'll throw up more pics.

  4. oh fuck. i played the table top for a good 5 or 6 years. had orc and empire armies, and a space wolf army. its fun if you know people who play, or a hobby shop where people go to play games.

    there used to be a few games workshop stores near me, but they all closed a few years ago.
  5. Yea I haven't played a game yet, I'm curious about it though. I enjoy a game with strategy involved.

    After I have some more of my army painted and I feel a little more proficent with it I'm gonna paint up these guys:

    Zombie MICE.jpg
  6. i got a space wolves army and a Chaos(fantasy) one
    but nearly the only people i play with are my brother and my cousin
    i have to paint some chaos warriors again been way too lazy:p
  7. These collectables if so I had some what were really old and I'll be pissed. :mad:
  8. Ive always had 40k stuff space marine, thousand sons, orks. I love the creative side of it its fun coming up with a concept for an army or a good model. I t does tan your money though.
  9. I used to paint orcs and goblins 7 years ago, but purchased paints, tools, etc and a dwarf army yesterday. Nice relaxing hobby imo

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