Wargame: European Escalation

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  1. I'm not a big RTS fan, eventhough I am old enough to have played Dune II to death back in the Amiga days. Some very few RTS titles have caught my fancy since then. The Close Combat series basically. And now, Wargame: European Escalation.

    It's a nice little gem of an RTS. With emphasis on realism, using real units, hardware and tactics. No silly base-building and such abstractions. Just objectives; kill, conquer and win.

    The single player is quite the challenge. Normally I'd just skip it, but you do earn points that you can use to trick out your online game roster of equiptment.

    And online is where the meat of the game is. Great fun, especially if you gang up with a friend or three and play using voice-com. Expect to get your ass handed to you the first dozen games or so as you learn the basics of the game, and the do's and dont's of how to disposition your forces.

    Great fun, and goes well with a beer and a blunt. That thinking-cap need some fuel you know :p
  2. I just watched a trailer, looks pretty bad ass

    $40.00 isnt too bad. id rather wait for it to go on sale on steam if they hve it
  3. It is pretty badass. Especially when winning in multiplayer after a good round. Just watching your rocket-artillery rain over the opposition to soften them up, and then move in the tanks and infantry to finish them off. Or doing a sneaky air-drop with gunship support way back in their rear supply-zones, effectively cutting them off for reinforcements.

    Once you get the hang of the game, and have developed some good tactics for the different maps, it really opens up and gets pretty addictive.

    And it is available on Steam. Is where I got it. But I don't expect the price to drop soon. It was just released about a month ago, so it is still quite new.

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