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  1. Hey guys. I have not been on here for a long while because I stopped growing for a time. I have started again and now it is in a warehouse. There are several issues that I need help on.

    Firstly, let me give a quick summary of my setup.

    There are 250 plants under 60x 1k hps lights. The strain is PPP. The lights were flipped on Christmas day. After approximately 2 months of vegetation. They are in 35 liter pots, filled with soil. 3000 sq ft WH. Since it is winter, we do not need much cooling so we only have 2x 8" inline fans pumping air in and 2 more taking air out. (Likely not enough fresh air/ventilation but any more and the room will get too cold. Gets to 10c @ lights off without any fans running.)

    We had a mite issue but it has been kept under control by use of lots of fans. Also a powdery mildew issue recently arose. So I will be fighting that by spraying them all down with a baking soda and dish detergent mix. 

    The things I need help with are the following:

    How can I bring my humidity down? It is 80-90%. -I was told not to use carbon filters when humid because they lose efficiency. Which means smell will soon become an issue.

    Also, we triggered to flower about 20 days ago now. We have 250 very large plants (about 5 feet high from pot and just as wide) so we had planned to add more lights (plan was to have 2 plants per light for optimal yield for maximum electrical usage). If we add more lights this week would it make a significant increase to our yield? : Is adding another 60x 1k lights to our grow at day 20 of flowering worth it?

    Looking forward to your replies! 


    PS: I might add pictures in a bit. 
  2. Well first off let me explain to you about the humidity problem...you wont ever get rid of powder mildew and because of your humidity you caused powder mildew to come in. Not having proper ventilation or airflow will also cause mold.
    I had a powder mildew outbreak and it cut our yield to like 1/3 its normal, and the buds were disgusting. We had to ditch all of them and re-start.
    Powder mildew is actually inside the strain. You could try one of those expensive UV lights that are supposed to kill powder mildew from the inside out if you dont want to lose your 250 its worth a shot. But before you fix the temperature, airflow, and humidity it is pointless to try anything.
    Sounds like you should of took some time and effort in setting up such a large operation before you dumped 250 plants into it.
    Sounds like a bunch of BS to be totally honest :)
  3. Basically bro your plants are pretty much going to turn into crap unless you actually finish setting up a spot to grow in, and you are wasting your money and time with all the lights. And you dont have any type of carbon filters running and a true grow like this would require like 10 of them lol

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