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  1. Hello everyone.
    iv grown plants before under hps a few years ago and decided to try a couple under envirolights.

    has anyone used them?
    im just doing two plants from random seeds in a wardrobe. nice and simple, cheap and small :). should only cost £30.

    im planning to hang the cord over the coat-hanger rail so the bulb is horizontal. then have one plant on either side of the bulb. in addition, i hope to have two normal 20W energy saver bulbs on the outer side of each plant. (with a little mylar obvs)

    does anyone know the running temperatures in this style of grow?
    im hoping that by having a lot of empty space above the bulb (and no reflector) it should be nice and cool.

    does anyone know if i would need a fan during vege when the plants are small and there is lots of space on the 24/7. ???? im hoping to be able to open it every so often on flowering so temps wont be a problem for the flower.

    any help would be apriciated.
  2. this is exactly what i am about to do this winter. it would be my second grow. first grow indoors tho. haha

  3. im doing the same 2.. got a few c.f.l's n i wondered the same thing about temp and air intakes if u open the door enough times would that be enough...?
  4. im hoping so.

    it needs to be really silent as it will be in a shared house. so i was hoping that i wouldnt need fans.

  5. if its a shared house and nobody knows your growing it youd need somfin 4 the smell 4 def weed stinks the place out trust me..
  6. yeah man,
    i think the smell is going to be my limiting factor.
    iv grown some before under hps, but the people knew so smell wasnt an issue.

    this time im planning to just flower 3-4 medium sized plants under envirolights.

    i am hoping that by having loads of herbs around my room, (like lavinder and basil and stuff), then that will remove the smell for the first 6weeks, and people would be kinda used to a planty smell anyway.

    for the last 6 weeks im not so sure what to use, but the door to my room will probably be surrounded by air-fresheners and odor removers.

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