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  1. Who's looking forward to the re-release on August 27th?

    I know some of the Live people are crying about how ''it's just nostalgia!!!123" but having played on private servers throughout the years, I know it's not.
    This is a solid title that can beat modern MMO's any day.

    I expect it to pwn

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  2. I just heard about this the other day, and am very excited about it. I really did prefer the play of WOW when it first came out. havent played in years but I was not a fan of the drastic changes that had been made to the game.

    cannot wait!

    they are redoing Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos- as well which is to be released sometime around December I think. that is my favorite game of all time, I spent so much time playing that as a kid

    Cant wait!
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  3. I have found that very few games possess the characteristics to retain players once the 'Nostalgia Factor' wears off and of those games, I can't think of one that has been able to do it without player generated mods/content... L4D2 Comes to mind immediately, along with Warcraft 3, specifically the custom games it possesses, created by players, for players.

    Anything else trying to ride the Nostalgia wave without player created content fails every time... The core of any community requires super devoted people and when you can't really influence a game outside of your character, your ability to be devoted is limited.

    What a lot of people don't want to admit, is that WoW was only a success because of Warcraft 3, specifically, the Lich King story... That cliff hangar was legendary in terms of story and once it was resolved, WoW was never the same after. People will say that once the difficulty changed, it drove the player base away, but anybody who wanted to see the Lich King story expanded upon was drawn back by the story alone, even if they left. Sure, the game was engaging and such, but it was that cliff hangar from WC3 that brought them to the game in the first place.

    Second time around, without the Lich King cliff hangar, I think the Nostalgia factor will be palpable for some, but for most, this game will be dead within 2 months I imagine. I do think Classic will reinvigorate people's interest in the resolution of WoWs new cliff hangar ending with the release of N'Zoth, which is just the Lich King cliff hangar all over again, kind of hilarious to see them implement this tactic all over again, but yeah, I think Classic will only serve to drive people back to the actual WoW storyline.
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  4. I disagree with pretty well everything you wrote start to finish.

    the game will be dead in 2 months???
    fail to retain player base???


    WoW Is the biggest, most successful, highest earning MMORPG of all time. and still has over 5 million active players.

    I don't think all of that is gonna disappear 2 months after the re-release of Original WoW. the opposite actually

    I'm excited for it.
    I'm more excited for WC3ROC though.
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  5. RoC gonna be sick to play again if I end up getting it. Hoping they rerelease TFT at some point too...
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  6. Cant wait!
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  7. When Vanilla came out again, by invitation only, popular streamers were doing lengthy streams on it and getting absolutely stupid views. Soon enough, the stupid amount of viewers dwindled off.

    The problem isn't with Vanilla, the problem is with the fact that there are other things to watch, other things to play... Vanilla is far from cutting edge. Your point about having 5 million active subs is great and all, but that number has been dropping for years and sure, with the conclusion of the WoW Lore coming up, you are bound to see a spike in subs, but outside of that, the trend of decline will continue.

    This idea that Vanilla is going to do anything long term other than make players appreciate the current iteration of WoW is ludacris. Hell, talks of WoW2 have all but subsided and for good reason; the audience just isn't there anymore.

    Vanilla isn't even getting the same face lift that Reign of Chaos will be, because more players will be on RoC and they know it. Vanilla is nothing other than an attempt at pandering to bring their lost subs back for one last grand hoorah of content on WoW. Also, there has been no talk on if Vanilla will go along with the expansions or what, none at all, in fact, many players believe that Vanilla is fine on its own and that is just delusional.

    What strikes me as odd though, is that you say you disagree with practically everything I said, then end your post with "Well, I'm more excited for RoC" Yeah, you and everyone else. RoC isn't a game where people spent mindless hours grinding the same instances over and over again, nor is it a game that gave you any sort of pinnacle to reach. This idea that Vanilla will instill this unfathomable pinnacle that nobody will be able to reach is, again, ludacris.

    Rather than putting all the time and effort into Vanilla, most are going to be more invested in simply watching the culmination of all that effort on platforms like Twitch, where they can watch Kel'Thuzad be beaten without investing literally hundreds of hours to say they did it themselves. People grinded out achievements when WoW Vanilla was originally released, again, to what end? Nothing of note was gained, only time lost and Vanilla is a justification for that time lost... The Holy Grail, where all those thousands of hours you put into the game are finally going to pay off, all the techniques to grind all these old achievements out again, only once your all done, your left with the same thing as before, nothing. Sure, you can grind end-game content for staff pieces, so one person in your raid guild can have this staff, for what, the reaction from other players? Its silly. It has been silly for a long time now.
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  8. I played WoW for two weeks at the time of the first expansion. It didn't take...
  9. Fair enough, I guess all I should have said was,

    Wow is the most successful MMORPG of all time and definetly isn't going anywhere. and my point with over 5mil active players is that the game is over 10 years old, and its still going over 5million strong. its never going to be a "failure" I'M JACKED for original WoW, to play it. not to watch it. can't wait

    Grinding things out/running instances/spending lots of time earning things, or like your said "spending thousands of hours for nothing", in my opinion is really just what an RPG is... like yeah thats what people did in WoW, thats what the entire game is...I'm not sure thats a bad thing is it? I mean yea nothing of note was gained. so what? its a video game. thats what it was for me anyway. to waste time/have fun I'm really not trying to gain anything other than personal satisfaction when I'm playing games.

    RoC is a RTS so yeah.. your right... people didn't spend thousands of hours running instances. there are no instances In the game... its not an RPG. its an RTS, so people mindlessly spent thousands of hours fighting each other. the same way people spend thousands of hours fighting each other in pretty well every game. and to what end? nothing of note was gained. it was just a fun game. I cannot wait to play it again.

    and yea your right again lol... I bet there will be a ton of people interested in vanilla WoW. and than once they complete the game/max lvl/ get there fill of nostalgia or whatever, they will probably stop playing it. I think thats probably fairly normal. and thats pretty well 100% what I will do to
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  10. RoC is great for the custom scenarios alone. Tower defenses and such...
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  11. Tides of Blood!
  12. That sounds familiar but I don't specifically remember it...
  13. So what is this? They're remaking warcraft 1?
    Figured they'd throw #2 in as well if so.
  14. warcraft 3 reign of chaos
    and WoW are both getting make overs
  15. Oh. Ah well, #3 is kind of when I stopped with the series. I see that it looks cool...there's just...I only wanted that strategy/map stuff that was the first 2 games/expansions...the moment they brought in deeper lore, characters and this kind of overlapping arcing storyline...was the moment it changed into another game for me...a game, or games that have seem more success and reached a huge audience, yes...but a game that kind of didn't feel like mine any more.
    I'd still play Tides of Darkness any day though. They probably seem too simplistic to do again, but damn I liked those...and multiplayer was amazing.
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  16. I am so excited! I played since launch back in 2004, I was absolutely addicted back then, I used to play like 17 hours a day. I lost interest after wrath, the soul of the game just seemed to be gone. I found out about Nostalrius a few months before it got shut down, I managed to get a rogue to level 40 before the shutdown and it crushed me. I've been eagerly awaiting this ever since. I have a 30 rogue on Elysium right now that I'm playing for fun over the weekend to keep me occupied for the time being. I really wish that they had released it on a Friday not Monday...but the game releases right as I get off work so I'm going to dip out 15 minutes early to log in right at launch. And honestly I don't care if classic is a massive success for the core of gamers today, as long as it's there for the old timers to enjoy.

    I'm really torn on what class to pick I think im going to have to toss a coin between rogue or hunter, both classes are so much fun to play. I'm leaning slightly more towards hunter because of faster leveling and better survivability.....but god damn pvp as a rogue in vanilla was probably my favorite part about the game.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. This sounds cool, a lot of my friends are stoked but I wonder: what happens after the vanilla experience again? Is there longevity in this game as a separate entity from the OG WoW? Or is it just vanilla all over again? The logical step after the audience has hit “end game” is another expansion right? And if so do they just remaster the same expansions they’ve done before?
  19. I cannot recall the game.
    I scheduled a day OFF from work, just so that I could go to Best Buy and load up some upgrade to what I was playing with friends.
  20. ..wonder whom came up with Warcraft?..American justice...

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