Warcraft anyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by UF-TokeR, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Anyone here play World of Warcraft? I have a 60 Alliance Rogue on shadowmoon server.
  2. 60 priest @ Blackrock (Alliance)
    60 mage @ Daggerspine (Horde)

  3. 60 horde war, frostmane
  4. I just started, but im not really into it. I have a level 14 Troll warrior on runetotem.

  5. Please don't play this game.. it is terrible..

    One of my roomates plays this game allll day and night. it has become his life. and i'm completely serious. he never leaves his room (only to piss and to pick up the food he had delivered b/c hes a lazy toad). his room smells like a dog kennel, he reaks like if you wore the game pair of socks for two weeks straight.. id say about 16-18 hours of the day he is plays this game.. the remaining hours he tries to sleep or is eating...

    Because of his fat sloppy as I have pledged to never play any MMORGDFSDWW or whatever the fuck it is, lol...
  6. Your friend is obviously a moron and he is responsible for his own actions, not the game
  7. haha the game is really addicting tho its like world of warcrack
  8. 12 rogue troll...hakkar.. lol jus startin em
  9. I have a 65 Shadow Moon Hopper
  10. People say its really addicting but I just dont see it. It's more of a last resort type thing for me.

  11. do you need a really good compy to run it? also does it cost money to play online ?
  12. $12-15 a month, depends how much you sign up to pay at a time.

    You need a decent computer, id say 512mb RAM at least, 1GB is nice. A decent graphics card is ok, but you will lag hard in major cities.
  13. 60 Orc Warrios on Bleeding Hollow...

    names Snock, hit me up :smoke:
  14. I'd love to play, but it is against my religion to have to pay monthly fees. I'm a Battlefield 2 man myself. THAT game is my LIFE. Warcraft is very cool though. I still like my Warcraft 3! Blizzard knows how to make a fun video game I'll tell ya.
  15. Somebody start a new char with me. I have too many half-leveled characters, I need to find a server with cool people and that I'd actually hit level cap on.

  16. Hit me up with a PM rasta, ill start a new toon with ya. Lets try to get a whole group of gc'ers to roll on a new server. Im dedicated, I usually play for an hour or two every night.
  17. I use to play that game way to much.

    I had a 60 warlock, 60 rogue, 63 druid, 60 shaman, 50 paladin.

    I quite a few weeks after the expac came out, I just couldn't bring myself to get to 70, and the only fun part of the game for me (PVP) was at 70.

    I play CnC3 and CS:S competitively now.
  18. I rolled a level Horde 15 druid on Anub-Arak recently that I have been playing. I just started playing again so yeah.

    I would also probably reroll with you guys on a different server if you wish but this seems to the best. Not over-populated but not a ghost town either and pretty even population A:H-wise. BTW I hate playing alliance so I would REALLY prefer horde.

    Tried PMing you Rasta but your box is full.
  19. 60 blood elf pallyyy 50 frost mageee fuck that game though spamming frost bolt and a few other things for hours and hours no longer does it for me :( I cancled my account a month of two ago and don't really miss it. I'm waiting on fallen earth(if they pull it off)
  20. Same here.

    I want to recommend alliance, preferably on a RPPVP server. What do you think? PVP servers are really entertaining when your stoned.

    I just play horde ALL the time, mind as well give ally a chance.

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