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What will happen tonigh after Bushes Speech to congress?

  1. US strikes against Afghanistan and whoever are responsible for the terrorist attacks

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  2. US will pressure Afghanistan with more diplomacy, to hand over Bin laden

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  3. Nothing will happen and Bush asks for patience for a long fight against terrorism

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  1. What will happen tonight after Bushes speech?
  2. If you mean immediately after the speech, nothing will happen tonight. Bush will give his speech, tell everyone to be patient for the fight, praise the allies of the USA, pressure those countries not allied with the USA to become allies, threaten the enemies, have faith, courage, and determination, and finish off with God bless the USA. Then in a month or two when the military is built up, the air strikes will begin.

    My personal feelings on this incident is that the USA has to fight this war. The enemy has attacked and killed citzens of the USA (as well as the citzens of over 60 countries). If the extremists are not stopped now, then what will they do next. Do we allow them to take over Pakistan? Pakistan has already detonated a nuclear device. If the Taliban control Pakistan, they will then have nuclear weapons. The next attack on New York, or London, Moscow, Bejiing, Toyko, Sidney, etc. could be a nuclear device hid in an overseas cargo container full of Nike athletic shoes. They won't even have to get it into the city, just alongside the port and then Boom! 500,000 innocent lives will be gone. These people have to be stopped. They drew the line in the sand and it is to the rest of the world to say this is it, no more.
  3. I hit that speech dead on. Every point I said he would make, he said. I guess I'm so full of bullshit I should go to Washington D.C. and become a speechwriter. HAHAHA!
  4. The last thing the military higher ups want to do is put ground troops in that part of the world.

    Bin Laden is a weasel and I'm sure he has a lot weasels around him. My hope is that someone will sell him out. Then Army Delta or Navy Seals can grab him the least fuss.
  5. you know, I lost a friend in all this, and it pisses me off. I know what I would like to see happen from Norad, but that is being a little hasty. One thing is obvious tho, America is going to hit someone very hard, and in the proccess it will cause major retalitory strikes on other American cities by other radicals strategically placed here in the "Free" USA, Mexico, and Canada. This is a situation that has hit hard the financial and commercial markets. Don't think it is going t o be over anytime soon. The fuckers (parden my language) need to pay, but I am against the genicide of people. It's almost come to that, and it's sad, Man. Sorry I am pretty stoned. nice pipe dude, thanks!!!

  6. Well, folks, I am somewhat apprehensive about how things could turn out. Right now, I give even odds of this impending military action escalating across the region. I also give this even odds of becoming a full blown world war, perhaps surpassing the scope of World War II. The U.S. needs to be patiently impatient, and the U.S. government needs to be smart in how it proceeds. Indeed, the world needs to be smart in how it now proceeds. I find that I am starting to get a little edgy that no overt action has been taken, and, then, I get over myself. Just like Bush said, echoing my dad's philosophy, America needs to take care of this in the manner and the time of its choosing. I add to that that it should be done in the quickest and most definite manner possible. Even if it takes a few years.

    Anyway, just my two cents worth...


  7. free!?!?!?,nothing in this world is free never has been never will be,bush will attack every one in his path,just like his dad,and canada may be next or last u never kno,i think ever1 is tired of bushes war mungering for a few years

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