War With Syria ?

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  1. Do yall think we might go to war with Syria? As in war I mean ground troop invasion, I'm asking because I'm shipping out for Parris Island next month and I'm almost sure I wanna be infantry. This might be bad because as dumb as I sound I don't really want to go to war.
  2. No, it seems we have turned a policy corner. Plus we figured out a way better and more covert way to fight these types of wars. Highly trained spec ops units embedded with allied national fighters, training and using our superior technology and tactics to overcome and survive. 
  3. best of luck to you brother
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  4. but if the politicians need to sling some casualties into the news to keep public interest like in Vietnam and Iraq then a full escalation is not impossible, depending on how economically involved they want to get our state in
  5. Syria is a proxy wars so your good on that. As long as Israel doesn't do anything retarded you should be good.
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    Why do you want to be infantry if you don't want to go to war? Why would you join the marines? You know that we are first in, right? The saying is first in, last out.

    Just don't join. The marines is all about combat and you are already setting yourself up for 4 years of hell.

    If not 4 years, then you're gonna end up going deserter and watching your back 24/7 until you slip up and they catch you.
  7. I worded this wrong I'm not scared to go to war, but I REALLY WOULD PREFER NOT TO. especially not in the Middle East every single one of my brothers went to Afghanistan and said its a shithole
  8. Like I said, don't join.
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    This ^^^ The Marines are infantrymen first, their job second. I'd say go join the Navy or Air Force and come out with a skill you can use in the civilian world. Plus they're beginning to withdraw combat troops from Afghanistan anyway.
  10. You're probably good, i'd assume Syria is more Blackerwater's territory - or another paramilitary force; so there isn't a direct connection to the US.
  11. obama's trying to start a fucking war. sooner or later it will become inevitable. plus they're trying to control oil with the petrodollar which is literally backed by nothing. federal reverse makes money out of thin air. monsanto is poisoning us. drone strikes on US citizens
    FUCK OBAMA'S SHIT. they're not gonna impeach the motherfucker though because this is what they want
    when are we going to realize war isn't the answer to anything?
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tChWKie_OAY
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    What these two said ^^^
  14. Idk what the U.S. is up to these days, but I am sick of war. I want to leave this place and live somewhere peaceful for the rest of my life.
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  15. No more war that sounds like a good plan
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  16. As an Iraq veteran, and as a former combat arms soldier. No. We went going to have boots on the ground in Syria, we won't be in Afghanistan much longer either. The most we will do in Syria is drop some bombs and give them guns. And do something that will carry over. Infantry doesn't have any thing to help you in the civilian world. I was recon and now that I'm out I can't find a job to save my life.

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  17. I'd be surprised if we weren't already giving them shit before they announced giving them weapons.
  18. Yeah, most likely. 
    We just announced that we're giving them weapons today because we're trying to ramp up pressure on the EU countries to finally get involved.
    We're not going to war with Syria any time soon. Well, not in a "send in the marines!" kinda way anyhow. It's not an important enough front. We generally try to favor Sunni sects across the ME (for the moment,) but other than that we don't have much of a real stake in Syria. If we did, we would've carried the resistance's momentum a few months back rather than kicking them maybe kinda sorta a few more care packages now that their situation is starting to look pretty grave. No one in the (Western) international community has seemed to really believe in the possibility of a clean rebel victory since day 1....and no one has really cared. Most nations seem to be looking at it as a lesser-of-two-evils kinda deal that's a longshot anyway. 

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