war with iraq? yes or a no?

Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. dudes i know this isn't about weed but i feel that its a matter which i wanna put out there. As you all probably know the opinions for the war on iraq is being highly debated, which many fellow tokers backing the non war side. however i myself am for the war, not because i am a neanderthal who craves blood and warfare, but because i feel this war is necessary. i mean dudes think about it... war is helll.. that i dont deny... its possibly the worst thing that people have to do... but sometimes, as a country, we need to do things that aren't morally correct in order to ensure the safety of democracy and freedom. War will result in deaths, it will result in terror and chaos, but yet by waging war on iraq we are fighting for the safety of the world and the safety of our country.
    The end justifies the mean... and if the end will mean the end of a crazy regime, then if the means require war... it must be done.
    sorry for the ranting but this is my opinion and i would love to hear everyone else's.
  2. I don't agree with war. There are so many other things that could be done to solve this problem.

    What ever happens will happen and the US will be dip in the shit over it.
  3. yep, i say war too
  4. Hell no, and if people realized that if you interfere, youre bound to make ennemies, because of 15 people with an idea look at all the death and destruction.... wha will happen when 30 people with ideas get along. and frankly america is just throwing weight to prove their not cowards. which is the wrong way of looking at things.... Instead of spending millions on bombs, how bout opening up schools and hospitals and farms there.... it would cost the same, and which makes you think better of.. a bomb or a life. It could be you minding your business just because youre born there and some people others, you get killed, sound fair?
  5. I say we fuckin take over the world.. Then chill and smoke all day..:smoke:

  6. but you gotta remeber, its bush, not all of america, Gore won the popular voter, remeber?
  7. I'm not even gonna start, cause i know if i do i will have a 50,000+ word essay on why war is not the solution. so i'll leave it at:

  8. Since i dont want to present two identical arguments on the same site, like digit i will leave it at no. go to "genral weed tokin' board to see why i say this.
  9. I don't think innocent people should die for someone's pet project...that's all I'm gonna say on it
  10. I really don't care anymore, one way or the other ...just make up your mind America!
  11. it's going to happen anyway....America will go in...whether anyone is with them or not....i'm sorry to say it, but the last time a coutry did this it led to ww2.......so many good people in America but an idiot running it.......imagine this as a scenario......Saddam gives up every weapon he has....all of them.......do you think Bush will accept that bring the troops home?....no chance, it's all about oil.....they have it and he wants it......noe here's another one for you's.....the press is manipulated to tell you lies.......scenario 2......i was listening to early morning radio and it came on the news that saddam had asked to go..."head to head" with bush on a tv show.........the news is reported every hour and it's usually the same.....however it never appeared again, they had been forced to remove it.........i imagine if saddam was to go "head to head" with bush then he would namesdrop the American and British companies that supplied him with all of these illegill weapons......like he did in the report from hans blix to the u.n. which went via New York and was returned minus 30 pages..........Peace out....Sid

    NO TO WAR....
  12. Sid I would like to add one more thing to your post..

    The reason that the US and Britian knows that Saddam has more weapons is because, Saddam has accounted for all the materials the US and Britian sent to him.

    Makes complete sense to me!
  13. Cant everyone just smoke a Joint and get along

    No to the war
  14. There is so much propaganda from both sides but american r the super power or the bullies of the world. Bush is bein forced 2 do this cause America is run by Jews who wanna get Iraq so they can get sum ov the oil in the pipe lines which connects alot of the middle east. At the end of the day "weapons of mass destruction" is just the scapegoat so the Americans n Britsh can get into Iraq and nose around the weapons inspectors r more like spies. At the end of the day this all goto do with Control and money.
  15. War is very neccesary of Sadaam is going to have nuclear power in 5 years, that would be far worse than the war we would have with him to take him out of power. Come on people, he tested gases on his own people. Think about it, how many innocent people would die during the span of the war compare dto how many more would die if we dont do something about this asshole. Anyone who says anything else needs to get a grip on reality.... I'm not pro violence but sometimes it has to go down this way.

    EDIT: he has missles that could launch the nukes to many of our allies in the region....
  16. i just have a little input for those who are for the war to ponder...

    why -- after being kicked out of Iraq for the last 4 years -- does the US all of a sudden care about whether or not Saddam has weapons of mass destruction?

    wanna know? because the previous 4 years we were doing good economically, and the oil was flowing... now we're doing poorly economically, and our stockpile of oil is running VERY low. what's the solution? go to war with the country that sits on the world's second largest (known) oil deposit.

    if we were worried about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, why haven't we gotten on Russia's back about them not going along with their agreement to disarm their chemical weapons? or how come we're not forcing India to disarm?... because Russia and India don't sit on large amounts of oil.
  17. Lame Duck, if the missiles was the reason then why aren't they doing anything about North Korea?....they allready have ICBM's that's why.....and there leader came out with the comment after Bush had been sabre rattling about how they were next....he said...."If we deem that America is even thinking of attacking us we will defend ourselves with anything we have, America is not the only country in the world that can use the method of pre-emptive strikes".....hence you'll not find Bush going in there so fast or it will be American cities being attacked with nukes......so he goes for the easy target, someone who doesn't have them....all to help the American economy, they are all at it.....the French and Russians won't back America as they allready have good agreements with Iraq for oil and they will lose oil.......wait and see and mark my words.....the French will wait to see what happens and when the bombs start dropping they'll join America....they''ll join the winning team.....but if there is no war it looks like they supported Iraq to continue getting there cheap oil, and Russia is the same......Peace out.....Sid

  19. But what about the 450+ cruise missiles that have been launched on iraq in PEACE TIME!!! I don't have exact figures, but i think the US corporate political military machine has killed more iraqis than sadam.
    do you believe that US gov havnt been testing on US citizens???
    again... i have to clarify something about the ANTI WAR point of veiw... we are not saying DO NOTHING about sadam. We all know he is such a shady dude, our method is a political one that can (and was) yeilding results... just not too many results because people like bush didn't want the political diplomatic solution... he wants war... better for the ecconomy. They can afford to ship over 300,000 troops and keep em in limbo ready for a war... but how many weapons inspectors were sent? why not convert the 300,000 troops into inspectors?

    lame duck. it isn't black and white as bush would have you beleive. just because i don't want war on iraq doesn't mean i like sadam.

    Izrael. you mean Izrael right? u do realise that Izrael are no angels themselves? "your" "allies" in the region are killing hundreds of people themselves.

    and i really hope you can see the irony of the situation... whatever bush says about some tyranical dictator, could be said about himself... in much the same way that what you said could. loads of people are sayin that shit about bush. "He has missles that could launch nukes to all of our allies in the world."

    Also... america gave sadam more arms than anyone and also were the ones who put him there in the first place...

    "Here, have a gun, have some power."
    "thankyou for the gun and the power."

    that's exactly how this style of foreign policy works... all our governments do it... unfortunately that seems to be republican amerika's ONLY kind of foreign policy.
  20. at first I thought war was the right plan to remove those bad seeds in the middle east. but my opinions changed. this war against Islam is sponsored and financed by the terrorist state of Israel and American tax dollars using U.S. and allied military as it's private armies to force communist jew democracy upon a peoples whom do not want it. They do not want the democratic judification of their Islamic societies, which opens the door for pornography, drug use, homosexuality, liberalism and all sorts of other perversions to infiltrate and become the norm in their societies as it has in Jordan. Remember, democracy=jewish communism

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