war veteran scammer POS

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  1. Please take the time to read this link, and share if you deem it necessary. I sure the hell did. This guy is a fraud and soldiers like him make it harder for veterans with real injuries to get the help, and support they need. Sorry but golfing all day(cause he is so injured he cant go back to marketing) does not qualify anyone such things as surfing trips and small town heroism worship. I served side by side with this guy, and no hes not a sniper. he was fucking RTO aka LTs little BITCH

    This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here » Blog Archive » Punk Lewis pulls a
  2. Wow, what a chump. Most of the men in my family have served and a lot of my good friends have served in Afghanistan during this conflict and I cannot imagine how incredibly disrespected they would feel if someone they had served with pulled a stunt like this. Absolutely shameful. Thanks for posting this.

    My respect and thanks to those who have served.
  3. thanks for checking this out.
  4. playing the system. nothing new.

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