War Vet Seeks Level ground.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CulterCult, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Hello Fellow Grassites... Grassians.... Residents of Grass City.
    I Have a diagnosed stress injury from fighting in Afghanistan. Now i consume , cultivate and condone everything green.
    I joined up to learn and perhaps teach, also i might buy a bong, can they ship to CAN ?

    Anyways im very open minded and love to talk about anything, I am a heavy user 4-5 g's a day various ways of ingestion.
    It helps me at work though I run the creative management side of a company that manages various Artists and basically whores them out to Live Graffiti Murals T shirt Designs .... yadda yadda

    Thats me
  2. Well let me start off with, thank u very much for your service, I know if it wasnt you there, it would be me. Thank you sir.

    Second... Holy cow do you smoke a lot!

  3. If you had level ground before, and the war took that from you, the people of this country, or atleast the people responsible for this war, owe that bit of equality back to you.

    I really don't logically understand America's views toward its veterans, most should be lauded as super heros, and examples of society. I guess a couple of the bad ones ruined it for the rest of them?
  4. @waffingrow

    Thank you very much, but if my time in taught me anything it is to be humble. and yeah i know I should have mentioned my roommates also smoke with me so reasonable its closer to 2.5
  5. @Platonic
    I also dont know The USA policy.
    In Canada Its Very helpful with heathcare benefits so on so forth
  6. :gc_rocks:

    welcome to the city bro! and thanks for your service, my cousin is currently in Afghanistan, my uncle (his father) just came back from Iraq and my buddy is in Kuwait.

    glad the green is able to help! look forward to seeing you around
  7. nice man. good to have you, and we call each other blades haha idk about grass - ites :smoke:
  8. Thank you for your service, sir, and welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:

    Since you enjoy our wonderful little herb, you may find learning more about it to be a pleasure, like I do! Click that first link in my sig and just start reading! :D

    Cannabis is WAY more than "just" a way to get high! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  9. Thank you for your service, friend.
  10. Thanks everyone for the arm welcomes
    Candroid - ask tour cousin if he has tried the cream hash there.
    Smokey - blades . that makes sense sense reminds menof Edward thorton in te movie blades of grass , hint it's about pot
    Storm I will check that out later thanks for the readings !
  11. glad you made it home alive ( I'm from the Vietnam age group)
    you don't smoke to much, there is no to much of a good thing
    stress is an insidious hidden killer....took me a few years to come down from the prison term I did for growing grass...level ground is the ground you chose to stand on, keep that in mind when the insanity of daily living gets ya down. I like to hide out in Hawaii where I grew up and am currently working on my retirement shack (living in No. California).....if it all gets too much for ya you can hide out there for a while...as long as you don't mind big dogs as companions.
  12. @maggo.
    One day when when the proverbial fog gets to thick i may just hit you up on that offer. If I Ever find myself headed your way it will be with my Black Lab wiemriener Marley (after bob marley)
  13. I'll be looking forward to your visit
    Marley will love my girls (rescued pits)
    pearl (silver 3yr old) and bubble ( 2 ish brindle)
    and my son jake (3 ish all black)
    they love other dogs

    I got them after our 10yr old female Rotti passed away
    to keep her in my heart I use her nick name as my grasscity name
    she was Maggie a Go Go on her papers, but we called her Maggo.

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