War Over Gmo And Bee Apocolypse?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Woodlock420, May 29, 2013.

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    Shocking stuff... :eek:
    The A in the USA now really needs to be replaced with a D for destruction. Is there no limit that those whores the US has for a "government" will not stop at ?
    Then why i am i surprised considering they have killed millions around the world with their profit making warmongering.
  2. I'm seriously disgusted by the USA. I know a lot of the blades are americans and I have no grudge against the individual. but USA seems to produce nothing but hate, stupidity, greed and death.
    The entire idea of nationalism is within itself, disgusting and archaic.
  4. I'm not a person who's quick to escalate to violence, but if someone killed most of the people who run Monsanto and other corperations like them it would be an honor to shake their hand.
  5. I think they should be stripped of their riches
    Them donated to sustainable non gmo community gardens all around the US
    Then take those bastards and put em in sweatshops to work for minimum wage for the rest of there lives

    Yeah that sounds fair to me haha
  6. D for dumbass is more like it :)
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    Who me?

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