war or peace

Discussion in 'General' started by snowboardgod311, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. yo i just wanted to see were alot of you guys stand on the war. i am against the war i think we are only there for oil. but tell me what ya think
  2. ya but you guys are not really talking about if we should be there or not, thats what i want to know your talk about how long it will take and shit like that
  3. you obviously haven't read my posts if you're saying that
  4. nope not all of it. to lazy haha sorry bro
  5. you would have to be nuts to think its about oil the u.s only uses less than 10% of there oil do you relize over 100,000 children die there from starvation a year he is hording the food and living in any one of 40 palaces that cost more than anyone of us will make in a life time while his people live in mud huts he was suposed to disarm 12 years ago he hasnt when the gulf war endes he said now the terror begins he pays peoples famillys 25,000 to strap a bomb on and kill people he is affiliated with alquida remember 911 were not gonna sit and wait for it again maby now they will think twice oh yea remember the the iraque kurdish war in 88 over 200,000 butchered and he did use chemical weapons on them if he had nukes do you honestly think he wouldnt use them suport the U.S or get the fuck out

  6. A period or two would be nice, and the moment we start deporting people because they don't agree with other people I'd probably leave anyway.
  7. hahaha you say its about chemical weapons hahaha your nuts what about north korea they are testing weapons right now and we are not doing shit about it. why do you say, its because theres nothing in it for us. if we win they don't have oil or to many things we need so we don't do shit about it. its all about the money the root of all evil
  8. id like to see you live over there for one week and anyone that would use chemical weapons on there own people which the didare homicidal pussys how do you think chemical alii got his name not from mixing coolaid and on the northkorea subject havent you noticed we do have a battle ship anchored off there shore next time you go out to a burger king or mcdonalds remember what a familly of four gets in Iraque for a month a bag of flour and a 5gal jug of water thats what the leaders over there give to there poor I cant wait till its over and all you bleeding heart liveral commie bastards will learn the truth from the Iraque people themselve


    Im sure our troops over there are loving the suport all you assholes are giving them
  9. you would have to be nuts to think its about oil the u.s only uses less than 10% of there oil

    agh but do you know that America produces only 2% of the worlds oil but consumes 28%.....that puts it into perspective......also when the global pollution was to be reduced, America said it would cut emissions but then pulled out, so as everyone could use there big cars......however i think a British newspaper summed it all up when it had a picture of Tony Blair on one side and a British Marine on the other and it read......"This man has let a whole nation down, and this man never will"

    our troops are out there to do as they are told and i'll back them 100%, i hope all our troops come home soon

    yes Saddam is a madman that needs to be taken out, but there is an other motives.......Peace out....Sid

  10. Haha, 'iraque'? yeah, I'm such a liveral commie.

    And I'm still not seeing any puncuation.

    But seriously, there's never a time that anyone shouldn't speak their mind, and certainly no one should have to leave their country because of something they said. I'm pretty sure communists used to do that.
  11. as with most posts on war i'm really gonna try and restrain myself as i could go on and on for tens of thousands of words...

    anyone who says that its got nothing to do with oil is really missing the point. of course oil is a factor.
    and just because they say they want the iraqi people to have their own oil doesn't mean they are all benevolent and innocent. whether they take the oil or leave it, the prices still fall. its basic ecconomics. the more of a commodity there is the lower the price... the rarer it is the higher the price... thus why they REALLY don't want the oil feilds on fire. i've been following oil prices and it is as you'd expect.

    oil IS a factor... and a big one.

    and now to answer the original question...

    NO! we should not be there! it's disgusting abuse of power, waste of resources and yet another example of how american foreign policy (bush regiem anyway) is selfish greedy capitalist imperialism at it's worst and how other greedy capitalists just want a slice of the biggest pie (that would be the uk i'm talking about primarily, but you all know who else are the same)

    stinkbud struck a nerve.
    and stinkbud, there are places that are commiting WORSE attrocities against their people in the world.
    calling us assholes for not supporting an ilegal war can't be right can it? a war that the international community is agianst (there was no chance of a majority, moral majority or not)? a war that there was no security council mandate on? a war that the majority of the populations of those perpetuating it were against? a war that has created the BIGGEST protests of peace time and war, within our lifetimes (ever?)? a war that could collapse and harm international relations far worse than any other of americas recent transgressions against decency? A war that further perpetuates divisions between religions, as if the palistine/izrael issue wasnt bad enough? do u even remember what happened on September the 11th? the peopel who did that weren't doing it saying it was an act of terrorism... they did it proclaiming a jihad. a holy war. and a war against capitalism. do u think they just chose a target at random, OR do you think there might be even just a teensie chance that they were a little peeved at something your government had done? ':-\ i support our troops, i'd support em a shitload more if they's get the fuck outta there. but without someone changing the politicains minds that isnt going to happen any time soon, especially in light of 'leaders' like Tony B going to war when almost 90% were against him.

    if u were calling me a liberal commie bastard then, i'd stoop to your level and do some name callin back, you ignorant, rightwing facist, redneck yankie cowboy who will never know what truth or freedom is because of your pre-programmed zenophobic patriotism and blind belief that "the government knows best" and that your particular brand of western philosophy is so right it has to be enforced on others.

    ... but i know you weren't calling me a bleeding heart liberal commie bastard, because that's the type of shit we'd expect from a little runt from yahooka, not from a blade of the grasscity. we are far more enlightened than to come out with that sort of crap. d*-^b

    none of us "Liberal commie bastards" deny sadam is a nasty fucking bastard (who was it that put him in power in the first place?) so would u quit going on like we don't know the shit he's been upto... wtf did u think the whole of the UN have been doing for the past 12 years!?!?

    how about sending in 300,000 weapons inspectors instead of the more expensive, less effective option 300,000 troops.

    and i know bush has been quite cagey about this but as far as i can tell this war is going to cost well into the billions. three figure billions? could be. defo in the tens of billions. each one of the T-hawk missiles launched costs over a million US $... do you know how far that kind of money can go in the third world? as i said in another post... the cost of this war ALONE, could put an end to world poverty.

    so back to the bleeding heart liberal commie bastard comment that i KNOW i didn't hear you say... yes. that will be me. i'll open my fucking eyes and let my heart bleed... not just for the hundreds (thousands yet?) of wounded, maimed and killed in iraq by these missiles, but for the millions of asian, south american, african children who will now go hungry and starve to death, the millions of african and asian and south american children who won't grow up with any form of education, who will grow up knowing nothing of the dangers of western spread diseases like aids, thus killing millions more. My heart will bleed for the millions and billions suffering terrible atrocities in countries near to and far from iraq. My heart will bleed for the death of every species made extinct by the loss of quality of environment cause by the continued poisonous use of oil, and by the lack of funds to clear up our (YOUR) mess.

    no one elected America as the facisto policia of the world so why are they acting as such? own interests. and their government leaders are a bunch of fundamentalist religious fanatic capitalist facist zealots. sound a little harsh? well so has their actions against the world. the more i look into it, the more i discover how fucking terrible parts of humanity is.

    Iraq are by no means the terrible threat to the american people the propaganda would have us believe. had the same effort been put into weapons inspectors in intel gathering (and intel reporting & communication, the bit that was missing) then this would have been discovered... if, being the "liberal commie bastard" i am, i was wrong this would have been discovered IN DUE FUCKING COURSE and then, THEN, as a last resort war may have been needed. not before.
  12. remember hitler oh whats this they found a chemical plant that they say it is not the gov but its on 100 acres suronded by razor wire and comoflaged again you are a bunch of bleading heart liberals i guess we shouldnt have saved the punk ass french from hitler either and while we were at it we should of let him kill a few more million jews we are the one and only super power so that makes us a target so you all say fuck it lets keep letting hundreds of thousands childeren die like little peices of shit and fuck the U.N how many years were they there and only now they start to find shit were in there 5 days and we find shit then you have russia sell gps scramblers one of the items that there was an embargo on
    again no punctuation you bow legged knock kneed two balled bitch why dont ya do us all a favor and suck on a 357
  13. IMO

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  14. PEACE!!!!!!! war doesn't increase peace, no matter how much people are trying to get us to believe how important war is for peace it won't become any truer. War is hell, and the ones who suffer the most are the civilianz, not the ones who start wars, nope they're safe in their palaces far away from the battle field, it causes serious mental traumas to the ones involved in war. It takes decades to recover from war and it will usualy left both sides more angrier than in the beginning of the war. THERE'S NO NEED FOR WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But then again there are always goin' to be ignorant greedy people who are goin' to get to the leading positions of the earth and as long as these people gain power then as long we are goin' to have wars for money, land, oil etc.
  15. I was proud to serve my president and country during the first gulf war,and if they need me I will go back.You are right war is hell but they have been goin on since the begining of time and will go until the end of time. Sometimes war is necesarry,some people say we want oil I myself dont beleive it, if that was so we would of never stoped the last time. I have witnessed first hand the mudrdering and rapeing of inocent women, men,and children and I allways though that OPEC wich is primarilly controlled by the saudies controls the price of oil
  16. Stinkbud, you are a jack-ass. You diminish the respect people have for those who support the war as I do. Use punctiation and compelling evidence, not mindless rants involving balls and such. Your proofs are, for the most part, obviously fraudulent. Saddam paying 25,000 to starp a bomb on? How about using fear and getting it done for free? I don't know. You pissed of Krazi, and You pissed off Digit. You just don't do that. They could easily make you think of yourself as the most stupid, ignorant, ass-backwards person who has ever lived.
    But as for the war, I support it, but would much rather see different tactics employed in the actuall battlefield.
  17. Ted, I agree with you completely (regarding StinkBud anyway), but calling someone a jackass is just gonna get a mod on your ass and it might get your post edited. In any case we should all try not to sink to his level, I wanted to tear his weak little comments apart but I decided to argue the few of his points that were even arguable instead. Someone once told me that arguing with a fool makes you foolish.

    Your points are infinitely more valid than his however and I'll be glad to continue in my efforts to crush your point of view :D (that was a joke)
  18. I agree, that was very juvinile. I just thought somebody had to say it though. And I love trying to evade your crushing blows.
  19. i know this can be a hot debate, but remember that it is only that.....a debate......no name calling and flaming!!.........Peace out......Sid

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