War on drugs is a war on us

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by dankness92, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. I was watching cops and a girl gets arrested for 27 grams and the cop is telling her how she is an addict and is gonna go to jail for a long time this is so angering shes someone's mom or wife being treated like shit cuz she smks bud,,, is anyone else tired of this war on us?
  2. All police officers are civilians, they just have fancy uniforms. contrary to what many of them are led to think, they aren't military or paramilitary units, or even militia, they just have a license to carry a gun and exercise police powers.
    They don't get called up in cases of national emergency, they don't receive military training and they don't fall under the UCMJ or the geneva conventions. they're just gussied up civilians.
  3. This is why i have a highly form of disrespect for Police officers. If you want to be a police officer youll relize all those dreams of capturing the bad guy are false. The only bad guys is the ppl that dont respect the law because it only takes away our freedom. When they do have a chance to catch the bad guy that has killed 3 innocent people.... Ummm they get away??!! But i still have my handcuffs for my 10 dollar bag oh forgive me ugh
  4. I'm not blaming the police I was just saying they verbally were cruel too the lady but i have respect for cops though I feel there are a lot who profile and use excessive force but the policies are ridiculous and mostly lock up everyday citizens not drug cartels and high level dealers, I personally don't want full legalization but spain style decriminalization but something new needs to happen in the legislation hopefully 2012

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