PC War Builder League (Basically Robocraft)

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  1. This is a fairly new game, it is still in heavy development on Steam, but it is free to play and is basically the exact same thing as Robocraft. Game's central mechanic are these towers that one must capture for their team by shooting at them, then bolstering these towers with heals to make it harder for the enemy team to take them back; each tower captured gives your team a global buff.

    Every level up provides you with a tech point that you can spend on a wide array of different tech to increase the variety of machines you can build, along with their properties, armor and weapons. Experience and resources are dolled out generously and in its current iteration you could get 3/4 of the tech tree unlocked in probably 10 hours of play. Resources to buy items from the shop are currently in-game currency only and as far as I know, one cannot currently purchase this resource or obtain it any other way, other than playing matches, but I could be wrong there? Mechs are slated to be implemented soon and as far as I know, there are currently no flying robots. There will also be the super machines implemented later on, where it is an entire team vs. 1 player with a gigantic robot, however I have not saw a release date as of yet.

    I imagine this game will be going through a ton of changes still; there are some questionable mechanics in terms of weapons that can be employed, but the central theme of each robot you build is it's heat signature. Robots with a higher heat signature are more vulnerable to radar, along with a mechanic called 'Hacking' where another player can literally take control of your robot, which does curb the idea of building gigantic robots and instead creates a focus on creating robots with low signatures and high dps to take towers. There is also an outright stealth mechanic, however I have not tried it out yet.

    If you enjoyed Robocraft, this game is definitely going to be for you, so check it out. You may notice the game will group you up with players that are level 10, when you are level 1, but you can basically get a level up with every match you win until level 17 maybe even further, that is just as far as I got, so even though it might seem like the match-making is all messed up, its actually quite good once you get some experience under your belt... You can also join a clan and have access to their builds.

    There are a few mechanics in the game I did not mention here, such as limitations to how many parts you can build with, class points, etc. but if you are interested, just check it out for yourself.

  2. looks fun: very few early access ever get finished, even for free

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