Wanting to try different drugs

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by trey fitty 31, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. is this a bad thing, that i want to try alot of drugs?
    will this end in a bad addiction
    ive done weed, shrooms, acid, e, oxy's, benzos, speed
    and i would pretty much do anything (opium, meth, coke, crack) except inject heroine
    ino for a fact that i have an addictive personality, but i would only try them once, or so i say...
  2. Kind answered your own question..
  3. if you keep your other drug use under control then i dont see why it would be a bad thing to try others..just dont get too out of hand
  4. I would say stick to what you've already tried, maybe minus the speed.
  5. i do pace myself with the other drugs
    ino im in control
    i just like to expermiment
  6. try some moar opies. seroquel is a great downer (i take it ocassionally for anxiety)

  7. haha fucking seroquel. that shits like turning your brain off for 14 hours

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