Wanting to hitchhike west coast

Discussion in 'General' started by dander_sluis, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. I'm looking for real advice no judgements.

    ~Nothin but love
  2. I saw the picture of you in your tattoo thread. I got this vibe from you already like chances are, it'd take alot to weird you out. That being said, if I'm being real, I'd tell you to carry a weapon at all times. Skinny guy like yourself with that beard and all, man, do you even KNOW the type of people who pick up hitchhikers?
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  3. No I don't, do you?

    ~Nothin but love
  4. Stand@side of road and stick your thumb out. Dont know what other advice there is to hitching a lift. Try not to annoy the guy giving you a lift? I dunno lol

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  5. Experiences?

    ~Nothin but love
  6. No, I don't have experience hitchhiking because I don't want to get raped or killed.
    Have you considered asking this on a different forum.
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  7. Such as? I'm new here.

    ~Nothin but love
  8. Try reddit.
    They love young males trying to find themselves.
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  9. Me neither. I was always taught to never get in a car with strangers. Way to many weirdos in this world mate. Get a bus.

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  10. Someone needs to drop the

    "You gunna get raped"

    Meme in this biotch!
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  11. I wouldn't do it today...But there was a time.:coolalt:
  12. As someone who has done a fair bit of hitchhiking here's my advice;
    Get a good backpack.
    Wear layers and bring water.
    Bring some cash.
    Prepare to walk, a lot.
    Also write a sign on some cardboard of your destination.

    Edit: A swiss army knife goes a long way.
    Double edit: Check in with a contact throughout your trip. Try to do it regularly, it's good to have a friend that knows where you are and where you're headed in case things go south.
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  13. Only freaks pick up hitchhikers. So i would not try it, ever!

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  14. If you look like this you should be OK
    But seriously Don't do it. not worth the risk.
    Save up for a bus or train ticket.
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  15. Can you substantiate? Lil bit of a stereotype imo
  16. You asked for advice, I gave it
    Go ahead and do what you want, hope it works out for you
    I hope we don't read about your body being found at a dump site
    Have fun
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  17. It's not a smart way to travel that's all I meant
  18. THANKS.

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  19. A bus ticket can't be too much from where you are to SoCal can it? I used to take the train or the bus to get home for leave on the weekends from sandog (San Diego) to my home at that time in Buena Park. 19$ one way or 29$ round trip. They also had an anywhere in the US for one low price kind of deal....
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  20. Everyone telling you that hitchhiking isn't a smart or safe way to travel has never done it and knows no one who has and probably, watches a bit too much television.

    I've done it. My brother has done it since he was 18 and he's 30 now.
    I've known plenty of people to do it and i've never heard much of a horror story.

    Shit does happen. I've had some experiences, so has my brother but nothing 'that bad'.

    Just always be prepared for things to go wrong, because they will. Eventually.

    Most hitchhikers that hit the road will end up at their destination unharmed, if not a little sore and tired.
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