Wanting to do a stealth grow, absolute beginner...please answer my stupid questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Smokeholio, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Hello, I want to start a stealth grow.

    I guess I should tell you guys what I have to work with...pretty much what I think you guys should know.

    I am able to grow at my buddies house, they have to be stealthy but we have a decent amount of space of which we can use...

    What is the best stealth grow? I heard about someone growing it in a old computer tower or something, if someone could link me to a good stealth method that would be great.

    Budget wise isn't to shabby, I have money to buy the materials and I don't want to half ass anything, but I don't need the best supplies.

    If someone could link me or give me a complete list of materials I would need to start growing from A to Z that would be great. EVERYTHING I need...
  2. The best stealth grow is the one that nobody notices. It's too dependent on your space and circumstances to define a single "best." A pc case will be a tiny grow, IMO not worth the effort. You should have a room, a closet or good-sized cabinet to work in.

    Read up in the sticky threads, grow guides, links in my sig -- you have a lot of learning to do...
  3. Thanks, and you are right... I have a LOT of reading to do, I plan on printing all of the guides down and sitting down and reading them
  4. I plan on also making a stealth grow as I want nobody but myself poking in and checking out the plants.

    Here are a couple things I had in mind.

    Haha i'm probably going ot be doing either the filing cabinet one or the night stand one.. cant really decide which one.

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