Wanted: Ultimate Mama Info

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PattyBGood, May 12, 2002.

  1. Hi....

    Am trying my hand at creating the "Ultimate Mama". I know,
    I know, GOOD LUCK, been tried before! Well, I'm going to try
    it anyway! Wish me luck, K? Anyone out there know if there is
    something special to feed the mother plant?What about pinching? Should you pinch your Mama? Is flourscent lighting good for her? 24/7? Anything else you think is helpful will be GREATLY appreciated! Guess that is about all....except to say "Thanks" and "Ciao"
  2. To get your ultimate mama you need an ultimate plant something that you want to keep producing. I have three mama plants once you have taken the crownies off keep her growing and havest the nuggets, leaving on alot of the groth and throw her under a light giving plenty of veg nutrients and wella she sprouting all over again.
  3. Look into VHO by advanced nutrients
    Made for mother plants. Dont know how it does but i havent seen any other nutes specifically for mothers

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