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Wanted: a cool grower for a boyfriend!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Glimmer40, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Hey you cool peeps! It's been a while since I've posted & hope all you guys are OK. Life has been hectic but I've got good news! I got a new puppy! She's a female mini doxie & is about 9#! Way too cute! & my 14yr old Yorkie, he's doin so good w/her! This is way cool, cause I haven't had any goodness is so long...fucking divorce (found out ex was cheating in Jan so he's ass out) & a huge fight w/my best friend (a gay queen) & then mama was in the hosp! I've had it! So this little puppy came into my life at just the right time & to show me I can love again!
  2. Cool deal, animals are awesome! If you were closer I would fire one up with ya
  3. lol i think alot of us bladies want a cool grower for a b/f;)!
    nice to hear from u again! i'm glad u booted him out. i would too. good for u! sry to hear about ur mom bein in the hosp. hope things are good and happy tokin:D!
  4. Available: A cool guy that has the knowledge to grow but not the balls (no way else to put it) too bad you on the other side of the states. Wheres rmjl at again *raises eyebrows* hehehe
  5. Thx for the laughs! Hey, I figure if I keep this up long enough one will come into my life! Hee hee! Slim pickins where I live! WA coast here. But I love living here! The wildlife & nature!!

  6. Sounds like your free from hell from what i
    dogs make it all better some times....
    I say you need a good smoke,if i was close id smoke some of my homegrown with ya,its just about dry.....
    well hope ya see better days...
  7. I'm so NOT picky! I'm just happy to have! This stuff I have now is a mix of "cotton candy" & "romulan"?? I don't know names, as I said, I'm just happy to have some!
    & I'd like to have some of dat homegrown fer sure!!

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