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    For users of netflix, ENTER THE VOID is just an outstanding movie.

    It's a view into the afterlife as based off of the Tibetan Book of The Dead. A foreigner living in Tokyo gets killed and witnesses life as seen from the afterlife.

    It's my biggest fear in the form of one movie, dying and seeing the repercussions of your death.
  2. Sounds interesting, have to check it out, thanks for posting!

  3. you should give a huge WARNING WITH THIS MOVIE

    first i watched it sober and let me say this shits intense, a lot of it would probably be rad to watch high but there are a few really intense scenes that could flip people out. (ill probably still try it though =))

  4. The opening when he smokes DMT blew my mind. The movie made me tear up because as a kid I feared this was what we are going to go through after death.

    It is a top 10 movie for me.
  5. it is a long movie also

  6. yeah definately was. and i know exactly what you mean
    almost makes you wish it was real *cough wink cough* :hello:
  7. I hope not :]
  8. Awesome thanks for sharing the info, I like it when someone says weather or not the movie is on netflix.
  9. I actually just watched this last night. Amazing film. Definitely need to watch stoned/tripping as well.
  10. what makes this movie so good? and whats the genre.. ask because im curious what to expect..
  11. yeahhh dude ! i posted this a while back in the mindfuck movies thread. its fucking crazy
  12. You'll know when you see it dude. It is literally a trip.
  13. haha alright man, I was just a little confused too as if I should blaze before it. you gguys make it seem pretty eerie.

  14. yeah its literally a trip. one of the strangest expiernces ive ever had before..

    id also recommend to everyone "fear and loathing in los vegas" it came out around 98 but is really really trippy/weird
  15. Never heard of this movie, but somehow while high the other night looking for a movie on Netflix I started watching this...I wasn't prepared for it and luckily I found a sleep pretty early in it, but from the short part I saw I was like HOLY SHIT! I added it to queue and am saving it for some good stuff as what I have now isn't so good.

    I can imagine that stone cold sober this would be a pretty trippy movie, however if you are blazed I can see some people tripping badly watching this movie.
  16. You all have inspired this lonesome friday night ! Thank you. :smoke:

  17. haha let me know what you feel afterwards regarding watching that movie high lol
  18. Will do sir, im packing the bowl as we speak ! Hopefully it doesnt trip me out to bad !
  19. I tried to download it last night but it stopped halfway through and i said fuck it and turned my comp off. im gonna look for a better copy and try again tonight. you guys got me really wanting to see it.
  20. Try this Watch Enter the Void online - Watch Movies Online, Full Movies hopefully it helps ya out !

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