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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Faded_-, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. I have recently looked into vaping and i want to try it but i am confused as to what the cheapest and best quality vaporizer is seeing as there are so many choices, if you could give me some tips or recommend one that would be great
    EDIT : Forgot to mention that ill be smoking Dry Herb
  2. Www.vapemood.com
    Ya get what ya pay for with vaporizers go cheap and you’ll regret it. A lot of ppl will buy a few cheap vaporizers costing them a couple hundred before being smart and getting a good one.
    Everyone will tell u what they like and what is “the best” I personally use boundless. Had mine 2.5 years used daily and haven’t had a problem with it yet.
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  3. If I was to go with a budget vaporizer I would go with the Dynvap "M" series. It is an on deman vaporizer and from everything I am reading and researching on this and similar models such as the omni, I do not think you would be disappointed :)

    Thing with vaporizers is, there are loads of vaporizers and each may be better in one area (ex flavor) than the other (cloud production etc)

    Check out fuckcombustion forums, there are loads of vaporizers discussions and you may find what you are looking for!
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  4. I regard my Dynavap M on the same level as my Ghost, Mighty, & Firefly 2. It’s no joke. It would be my go to vape if I didn’t have a lap dog to worry about dropping a hot lighter and Dynavap on.

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  5. The cheapest one that has the best functionality. There is fury 2 by healthyrips which also has been rebranded a ton. If you want it without a warranty, its about 40 bucks cheaper on ebay. It has solid construction as well as solid vapor production. Other cheaper models are the pulse and maybe a magic flight launch box. Anything else is going to start costing money for quality.

    CFX by boundless is a great starter if you can find it on sale. It has quick charge so it only takes 15 min to recharge compared to hours of other devices. Good luck.
  6. bro, black mamba is sick, other than that I have the arizer solo 2, this things amazing
  7. If you are looking for best quality and cheapest dry herb vaporizer then there are many options and the options are giving below:
    1. Boundless CFX
    2. Storm Vape
    3. Mighty Vape
    4. PAX 3
    5. Flowermate V50S Mini Pro
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