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  1. I have never grown before but out of no where im going to try and start. I plan on putting them in my back yard, but im going to start them properly. I ordered seeds off the internet so it should be good but im just wondering a couple things before i start.

    If im just trying to grow some personals' to smoke, how much time/effort/work will i have to put into it? ( like how long per day do i need to care for them )

    Also, what are the chances even if i just try to grow, not knowing about all the crazy in-depth stuff and i dont have like prof. lights or anything, that i will actually produce "good" bud to smoke? or do you have to be pretty dedicated to be sucessful? any info helps...thanx
  2. Not knowing what strains you ordered, your environmental conditions, how many you plan to grow, if you have a green thumb in general, and so on, I would say you have a 39.4% chance of producing good bud...

    Seriously, there's no way to answer that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Be prepared for it to not work and learn from the experience, or to be delighted if it does work out. Provide more info here and you will get more specific spot-on answers.

    My first concern when you say you plan to grow in your back yard is security. Growing outdoors has inherent risks that other people can see it, smell it, stumble upon it, see you going back and forth to tend to it, can be picked up by helicopters and airplanes, all of that. Don't do it in your "yard" literally, you need to have a really hidden spot.
  3. if you're outdoors, you're going to have an easier time than indoors, but you'll face a different set of problems.

    Lighting, soil, nutrients, these are less of a concern because the environment provides them. Fertlizer is still a good idea, but your plant will be able to find it's own.

    However, pests, animals, and nosey neighbors are now the problems, so consider that.
  4. Alright, lemme see how much i can cover here...

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER *i think you get the point* grow on your OWN property! EVER! The moment the smell of a grow becomes noticiable, neighboors swoop down on it and you will get booked... plus, there are no plants that remotely look like a pot plant... they are obvious when you see them (unless your a farmer and plan to hide em in corn fields) find a secure location in the forests (well off the path) but still somewhere that you can access...silently....remember, if they are on your property, and someone finds you, you have no grounds to argue that they are not yours.. you are responsible for your property and you will go to jail... thats the obvious point.

    As per time per day needed...none. you shouldnt be checking on your plants any more then twice a week...MAXIMUM. if you have planted "off property" you will need to verify that your plants are in fact still there and possibly water them. Thats it. the more you visit, the higher the chance your going to get caught. So keep the visits to a bare minimum!

    Finally, good bud is not a direct response to the grower.. its the strain of the plant. ie, white widow produces more THC the Salvia Indica thus, the high is more intense. You cant change that. The only thing you can do as a grower is stimulate MORE bud growth, thus allowing more smokable goods. If you have a high THC strain, you are set, but if your dealing with Bagseed, you are SOL until the grow is done and then you test it. Remember, any pot you grow will be "good smoke" because YOU grew it and YOU got it for "free".


  5. I second what flex said.

    Oh, and germinate a seed or two at a time, and try to grow them, if you get them past 3-4 weeks, germinate the rest little by little, but not all at once. I killed around 15 seedlings of bagseed before i got the nack of getting plants started. Trust me, dont do it all at once, until you know you have the growing knowledge to succeed. I take it you dont know what your doing outdoors so heres some tips:

    1. Germinate the seed using the paper towel method (put seeds between moist paper towels, not dripping wet, moiste, and place them in a ziplock, put them in a cool dakr place and dont touch them for 2 days.

    2. Once 2 days has passed (48 hours), make sure you have soil and pots ready, and make a small hole in the soil, like with a screw or nail, and make it deep enough so the root tip will go down, and leave the top of the seed shell exposed to the surface. If the seed shell is gone (which happens sometimes), make sure the leaves are above the surface, so they can get light.

    3. Water right after putting them in soil, not heavily, but water them.

    4. water them every time the soil is dry 1 inch deep after that (every 2 days for me, but depending on the temp, it may be more or less)

    This is all you have to do to make it past 4 weeks, i have done it like that step for step, so you shouldent have a problem. Good luck!

    - Vince
  6. I think the quality of the smoke has more to do with the grower than flex is implying. True, you can't get really dank buds with schwag seed, the genetics just aren't there. But neglect a plant with good genetics, and you'll have schwag on your hands. So it's sorta one-way, I guess. That's my opinion anyway.
  7. 100% incorrect. The THC content of the bud is in no way effected by the grower. That is genetic. What is effected by the grower is the quantity which you recieved. A shitty grower can do a White Widow and get a dank bud, but may end up with a couple grams of it... that same plant was grown under a more experienced grower, the yeild would be much larger....

    what you are saying is much similar to saying: well, if i throw an apple seed in the ground, and i dont know what i am doing, its going to turn into an orange tree... that apple seed will ALWAYS produce the same apple tree... regardless of the grower. What you are controling is HOW MUCH you get...

  8. Believe what you want, but consider this:

    (I'll find the link if I can, but I'm pretty sure it was on one of Marijuana Man's tv shows, which you can find at pot.tv)

    Some guy, a grower, decided he wanted to actually test the THC content of the various "super strains" of weed out there that claim to have between 20 and 30% THC (or near 30%, don't remember if any plant has 30%). He grew them all the same way, and was an experience grower who didn't fuck anything up and timed everything right. And you want to know the results?

    Every plant had 16-17% THC. Every, single, strain. The ones that said they'd have 20% and the ones that said 25% all grew to only have 17%, because he grew them all exactly the same way, with the same nutes, and everything else.

    If he'd planted schwag, I'm sure he'd have gotten lower than 17%. But 17% was the PEAK of his grow op, because he apparently was not supplying enough of a certain nutrient that effects THC production. There's no other way to explain it, as it would be a damn conicidence if all these strains (WW, AK47, NL, ones like that) all had the exact same THC %.

    Like I said, believe what you want, doesn't bother me a bit.
  9. thats cool, interesting point you made, although i will have to do some reading on it, i know that every source i have states that THC content is genetic, but we wont get a war going (lol!)... normal pot (indicia) comes off at 9.3% THC where as white widow is closer to 19.2%

    But yeah bro, thats cool

  10. I found an interesting site on the subject, and according to it, we're both right:


    According to them, the *ratio* of THC to other chemicals in the plant is genetic, and cannot be changed. In other words, they say you can't make it produce more THC without producing more of other kinds of chemicals. They call the ratio "THC level"

    However, they say that the concentration of THC (and the corresponding chemicals) is determined by the grow. They call this "THC percentage"

    But that's just one site. I'd like to see an actual study on this (although I doubt one exists), because while I'm pretty sure I'm correct, based on experience and others experiences, I'd like to see some hard data, as I've never had the luxury to be able to test the THC in any of my grows when I grew. Because I think this might just be another "nature vs nurture" argument, and no one ever knows the answers to those :p
  11. very nice, i am still right(er) though! muhahaha! just kidding :)


  12. Could be! :D I'd rather be proved wrong than go around believing something that's not true. One thing that's rather unfortunate about growing is how unscientific it is, and how almost all the techniques and beliefs come from personal experiences, which vary greatly from person to person.
  13. thanks for all the info guys. Anyways more details on what im going to be doing:

    Im orderd some "super strain" seeds. i dont remember what all they were, but im sure that one is AK47, and other amazing plants. Anyway, i plan on starting in a small pot, and transfering them. The place i want to transfer them to is about 50 feet from a swamp/pond and im wondering if the soil down there will be fit to handle a plant.

    As far as climate...its MN so theres no promises on weather, but the weather should be sutable to handle a plant, as long as i get it started SOON! Last thing i was wondering is at what point go from the pot to the ground with the plant. Thanx
  14. I was also wondering about soil and fertalizer.

    I have no soil right now, i plan on just running to walmart or somthing and picking some up, but, is there a specific kind of soil i want, or is there somthing that i look for in the soil?

    As far as ferts go, i was told that theres somting the same about tomato plants and bud so i was recomended to get the plant food that is for tomatos, because it should benifit my plant. I bought Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food. Its numbers, though i dont have a clue what they mean, are 18-18-21 i also heard 20-20-20 was the best, but i couldnt find that, this was the least off of that. Let me know if what im starting with is going to work! Also, no ferts until after 3 weeks, right? thanx
  15. Get soil with NO ferts in it at all. Or if possible, soil with organic nutes. Anything else (time release ferts) in the soil will not be good.
  16. Straight from flex:

    3 parts pure potting soil

    1 Part Perlite
  17. yeah, stay away from ANYTHING that says time release..you want to have full control of what nutes are availible at ALL times...Mircale Grow is Ruthless for time release, so stay away from it...if your at walmart, get African Violet plant soil.. its like 0.01-0.02-0.29..it works great mixed 3/4 soil 1/4 perlite

  18. alright, i have miricale grow, but i wont use it if its bad. what brand of stuff should i get? like is there a specific kind i need to get or is it just ok to use anything?

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