want to try identifying my new stuff?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by moonlighthigh, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. I just got this this morning, finally. It's pretty stoney, i know i am feeling it after a very small bowl. Just curious, because the high is pretty "awake" and pretty cerebral...
  2. Most probably a Strong Sativa bud, thinking alot i bet more of a lifting buzz right? :) You got some good shit there then;)
  3. lol oops i forgot to put the picture up with the first post...

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  4. Yup defo some nice thinking bud there :)
  5. I agree with most of ya, but hey, thats just some good ol danl to me. Good job in getting it, yummy, I think I might roll one for me tomarrow morning.
  6. doesnt look that good to me :/ maybe im crazy

  7. Sativa
  8. yeah, it's not really great, i mean, if i could grow my own, that would be a different story, but i will take what i can get, ya know? if it does its job and doesn't put me to sleep after 10 minutes then i am happy.

    lol,that's awesome Kind of Bongish: "It'll get you high"

    that used to be the motto in college...LMAO...my, how things change."

    i am in university! and that is the motto!! lol, some things never change.
  9. Moonlighthigh, Looks like mighty tastee bud...very very similar to the CA sensi I've got stashed! I love the mind expanding buzz it gives too!
  10. what university?
  11. that looks like the bud i get very nice stuff
  12. i go to Washington State University...pretty difficult to get nice stuff there, if you find any at all. everyone drinks, it is a huge drinking party school.

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