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Want to try edibles

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Ok so i think i am ready to take it up a notch and make some edibles. I am goin to go with either brownies or cookies. I have a few concerns:

    I only spend usually 30-50 dollars on weed per pickup. I heard u need alot of weed to make cana oil. How much am i looking to spend an should i buy mids to save cash? Another question is does the smell of them cooking reek the whole house up? Any tips and advice appreciated, thanks
  2. Cooking the oil will smell the place up. And it depends on how strong you want your oil to be on how much you will need to use. When I make oil I usually drop in a half o, which is about $120 where I live. While you will need more weed, on the bright side you will get VERY stoned for a while, so in a way it's worth it.

  3. Well i should probably go with firecrackers then. Would like .2 per one suffice? I know u only need a little bit for edibles since they can be really strong
  4. for a firecracker, a gram will do, maybe a gram and a half is you are feeling ballsy

  5. A gran for one? I dont even smoke half a gram at once

  6. You'll appreciate the whole gram after you eat.

  7. Hey you're the one that wants to step it up a notch. Sometimes if you put in under .5 you won't feel anything man. It'll be worth it, cause the high will last for like 4 hours
  8. What´s the point in baking and cooking and shit? Do you have to heat it up to get it into the system? Or is it the mix with oil/fat?

    I´m new to this and i´m not smokig (not good for ya :)). My lady dont accept the drug and i think she might wonder if i started baking and shit.

    So how do i get high? Can i just eat it? :confused:
  9. Honestly I would buy mids to make edibles, saves a lot of money. I would suggest firecrackers for a first time edible.
  10. I recommend this process. It's how I taught my family and neighbors to do it and it's fool proof.

    Get a small crock pot. I buy them all the time for five bucks at the salvation army or as we call it, the treasure store lol.
    Electric coffee grinders can also be had for 5 bucks on occasion. No two tools will work as well IMO, I've tried them all.

    I typically take a cup (about 75-85 dollars of pure bud) and grind it into powder in the grinder and it should be the consistency of dust. Next, take two sticks of unsalted pure butter and melt them In a bowl in the microwave. Add some water, as microwaves don't microwave anything but water (add water to all your food you heat in the future and be amazed at the difference, works best on home cooked meals) so that the bud melts faster, as it contains little water.

    Pour the butter into the crock pot. Add water.

    Pour the dust in, scrape out the grinder getting all the trichromes which accumulate in clumps on the lid and then mix it up well with a fork. Add more water, as the mixing will allow dust to accumulate on the sides.

    Set it to low and check on it in 24 hours. Let it cook for 48 hours. In my experience, since I aquired a terminal illness, 48 hours doubles the potency for some odd reason, I assume more thc bonds to butter.

    Turn off the crock pot and allow it to cool for 45 mins, then using a cheesecloth, and a metal screen, strain the butter into a big glass bowl, making sure not to let any solids escape both screens. You will be left with a cup of butter/dust inside the cheesecloth that needs to be squeezed further. I use tongs and turn the cheesecloth in my hand, as if wringing out a wet towel to snap someone.

    If you want quick brownies, put the bowl in the freezer. Or if you're afraid you may forget it, put it in the fridge. Either way, the butter solidifies first and creates a solid butter top that floats on the water.

    Take out the whole "plate" of butter and break it in half, each half being the proper amount for a tray of brownies. Careful, the way I do it is not for beginners.

    I shared a brownie with a sick friend who's smoked for 20 years and it completely incapacitated him for almost 2 days, approx 18 hours. My pain is enough that I typically consume half a batch and it last me almost 18 hours, ie, I go to sleep for 8 hours, wake up, and am still without pain and very high for another ten hours after I awake.
  11. FireCrackers have worked the best in my experience, in terms of reliability and highness. I usually put 0.5 in each cracker and I'm fucked for like 10 hours. That being said, I have a moderate mj tolerance.
  12. Woops. Lol, wrong thread. My bad.
  13. The first edibles i had were brownies that i made myself. Used a half ounce and made canna-oil. Didnt make my house smell because i cooked the oil outside on a small camp stove and pot i use for backpacking. Then used the oil to make the brownies. The cooking brownies did not smell at all. Made 14 brownies that made a trip to an amusement park very enjoyable :)

  14. Terminal illness? :(

  15. Yeah, :(

  16. Can I ask what it is and/or how long you have left?
  17. You could just make a few brownies and don't go crazy making a huge batch if you are low on money :)
  18. They told me I wouldn't make it to last June. I was diagnosed with disseminated valley fever. There's a thread about it on here, but essentially, it's an airborne fungus the size of anthrax that was even stockpiled in the fifties by the u.s. govt. as a biological weapon of war as it can be carried thousands of miles on the wind. I got it by simply mowing my yard in central California. It's soil borne and if you get valley fever, it's like the flu and you get over it, except it jumped from my lungs to my organs, cutting off oxygen to my legs and arms, resulting in constant pain, black toes and fingers (oxygen deprived), orangish colored skin, stinky urine, as it slowly kills the liver, makes it impossible to sleep, nerve damage and if you ever see your dogs neck constantly twitching, they probably have it too. Causes joint pain, which mimicks arthritis til it actually becomes arthritis. As it spreads throughout the body it kills nerves and organs and causes my immune system, which is always battling it to become weak, so like someone with aids, I'm never not sick. It paralyzed me for a few months from the waist down, jumped into the nerves in my neck and luckily stopped at my brain stem, where had it continued would have resulted in spinal meningitis. If it had become that, I'd have to get shots in the brain stem every week for the rest of my life. I got it a year ago when I was 25.....

    I could go on, but I've already jacked the thread and I apolgize.

    You can read more here on my thread:

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