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Want To Tell Parents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FrozenSeven, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Ok, so here is the story.
    I haven't smoked pot before, and i would like to, and most likely will be smoked out in the next few days.
    I honestly feel that if i have a rational conversation with my father that he will understand and go along with it (he used to do MUCH harder drugs, alas im not supposed to know that so can't bring it up in said conversation).
    The problem is my mother, She also used to do much harder drugs, but is AVIDLY anti-ANY DRUG. I've explained to her that marijuana is neuroprotective, ive shown her studies. He response stays the same "It'll f*** your brain up, and will make you do other drugs, and youll flunk out of school." She has also threatened to take me out of school, and not let me leave the house if she catches me. She doesn't seem to understand that i am not spouting off lies.
    However i believe i can have a reasonable conversation with my father, Before i smoke it, to gauge his reaction (IE end the conversation with something like "Hey dad, what would your honest reaction be if i were to smoke marijuana.)
    I'm quite scared to do this, does anyone else have similar stories? or any advice for someone in my situation?

  2. I wouldn't.. Just because its gonna turn into a fiasco i tried doing that with my parents. And they freaked out. keep it on the dl
  3. Trust me don't be retarded and come out because they will always be pissed, just stay on the down low. It's not that hard to hide being high.
  4. Yeah dude don't say anything. It'll fuck everything up if you try to have a "rational" conversation, because as you'll see, rational conversation always turns emotional among family. 
  5. But if you do tell them, let us know what happens
  6. I would but that's just me, I did. What are they going to do? Beat you to death? Just tell them you're gay, then be like JK I'm not gay I was just saying that so it wouldn't be as big of a deal that I smoke mad weed...Dads are pretty homophobic for the most part and will be so relieved that he just won't give a shit about you smoking. Those aren't reflecting my views btw (don't flame me LGBTs, no pun intended) I'm not gay bashing but it seems most older generations and especially guys of almost any generation are pretty homophobic and would much rather their son smoke weed than dick. Give it a try let us know how it goes haha

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