Want to switch over to a vaporizer, need some tips.

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  1. Hey. So for most of the time I've used cannabis I've gone with a pipe (as I live(-d) in a country with high weed prices and poor availability, so joints meant mixing with tobacco), now that I live in the Netherlands I've been mostly using a bong as it is ridiculously more comfortable than a pipe, but recently I've been losing favor with this smoking method as well - I often can get some weird chest sensations and what feels like a shortness of breath (after taking a big hit (so every hit), which seems like a logical chain of events, but it doesn't always happen either, which is weird (and I almost never cough from a bong), and now seems to be related to the type of weed since I've done 4-5 strains from one coffeeshop that did not give me shortness of breath a single time, but just buying weed from another one - instantly, every single time).

    I really need to switch over to a vaporizer as I'm the kind of person paranoid about long-term health effects. I'm also a student on a very tight budget, so I could probably afford something very cheap only (in the range of around 50 euros, give 30 more if it's really necessary). I have absolutely zero experience with vaporizers. I don't even have the basic clue about the type I should buy. I do have knowledge of the vaporizing process and details itself, but no technical knowledge about the tools/devices.

    So, to summarize this high over-elaboration, -

    * Tight budget, around 50-80 euros.

    * Need a mobile vaporizer (so it's not a huge device, preferably something that can be transported easily in a bag). Further elaboration on this - I did read the sticky topic that claims that pen vapes aren't for dry herb - does that still apply from when the topic was made (3 years ago)? Living in the Netherlands I have come across a lot of coffeeshops offering "marijuana vaporizers" in pen form (don't want to touch them without researching first, especially since it's in the best interests of the seller to advertise it well rather than be honest about the technicalities). Are they really advertising them for tincture etc. use, which are not obtainable in any coffeeshop?

    * Live in the Netherlands, the Hague area - would be even better if it's from a local shop (so I can actually see and touch what I'm buying, and get it physically in person, but I guess e-shop works too if there's no other options), so in case there's any Dutchies here or just EVIL FOREIGNERS TAKING DUTCH JOBS HURR DURR!

    Is it even possible to get a properly working one for that price range? What else should I know about a device if I do end up finding something in that price range?


    And maybe completely unrelated off-topic if anyone can drop some of their own experience while answering the vape question - does anyone else have such experience with the shortness of breath? It's really worrying me and I don't understand why it doesn't seem to be as much tied to the smoking itself as it seems to be tied to both the tool and the weed strain. Could it be something added to weed that increases the likelihood of this happening? Perhaps an additive that increases the density of smoke as its main purpose, or just as a side effect (ex. if that laced substance just burns with more smoke than the weed itself).

    Just to clarify - not a regular user (although been mostly regular the past few months, but the 1-time a day a few hours before bed after everything is done-regular), only a few years of experience, have mixed with tobacco before and at some points even extensively, but now pretty much never do it with tobacco because it has some noticeably adverse effects (always had some side-effect as my body hates tobacco which is how I've never gotten addicted to it, but last 2 times the tobacco basically was greening me out, causing sweating etc., so never mixed the two or touched tobacco since then).
  2. Of the vaporizers that I have personally used and can recommend, here are the two least expensive. I've listed prices in US dollars because I'm not sure the current exchange rate:

    Magic Flight Launch Box, $119 US
    Arizer Air, $169 US

    If you are on a really tight budget, and want to give your lungs a rest, why not try cooking edibles? All you need is some herb, vegetable oil, eggs, and brownie mix. :)
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  3. I'll check them out, thanks. Sucks that they're above the 100 range, but I guess if there's no options I'll just have to save a bit.

    I was thinking about edibles, but it's a lot of work, much longer-lasting effect and I haven't been too successful in that aspect so far (it's also more expensive, especially if you fuck up once in awhile). I usually just smoke 2 hours before bed to get into the mood, so the edibles would be a bit too much for my liking.
  4. The VapCap is the only vape at that price point that I can point too with any actual experience. While its not my portable vaporizer of choice it works and lots of folks seem to like better than I. My favourite vape close to what you are looking for is the MFLB but its a primitive vape that makes demands on the user in order to get decent performance out of it. Good Luck
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  5. howie105 has a good suggestion with the VapCap as a tiny, inexpensive vape. I don't love mine, and it's the vaporizer I use the least, but you can't argue with the low price. $35 US for the basic model, and sometimes if you have good timing, you can find them on sale. :)
  6. The only vape I have experience with is the MFLB, and while there is a technique to drawing vapor it is really not that difficult to figure out. It's primitive in that it's rather simplistic since there is no temperature control setting and the design is not as sleek as most other vapes available, but I have gotten great performance out of it and the purchase was worth it for me. I didn't buy it in order to stop smoking, I bought it because I can get high virtually anywhere, anytime thanks to there being little to no smell, but since I've bought it I've only smoked twice because the vape is so great.

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  7. Couldn't agree more with this. I own an MFLB, and while it doesn't get used nearly as much as it used to be, I still use it in situations where I need to be really stealthy but still have a place where I can go and be discrete. Like @YouBritta'dIt , I didn't buy mine to stop smoking; that just sorta happened lol.

    Personally, I think the learning curve for the MFLB is blown waaaay out of proportion. Yes, theres no temp control, no button to push, and you have to literally feel the temp of the vapor. But thats not necessarily a bad thing. While it may take a hit or 2 to figure out, thats about it... a couple of hits or 5 or 6 and you'll have the technique down.

    As long as you know what to look for you'll know if you're doing it right. Obviously, if its turning black, you're combusting.

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