Want to start plants indoors then move outdoor, a couple questions.

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  1. I live in NorCal east of sacramento and want to get some big plants this year. I was looking into starting them indoors first but not sure if its worth spending the $ on a grow tent+ lights just for that.

    I am buying a pack of 10 seeds from a local dispensary and hoping to end up with 6 healthy plants.
    My question is, if its worth spending the money for grow tent+lights then when would be the best time to bring them outside? I will be transplanting into smart pots that are 100gal.

    Ive googled for this info but the answers vary too much for me to rely on them so let me know, thanks!
  2. There are benefits to having a tent, being able to keep a mother for cloning, or flowering a few clones in the middle of winter..... When is the approx. last frost where you live? I always wait about a week after the last frost, to move mine outside., But I start seeds a few months earlier, I started some back around the first of the year so they will be nice and big and healthy to be transplanted outside. Good luck with the upcoming season. :smoke:
  3. The lowest temp this week will be tomorrow night @38F. I don't see it getting down that low again, but anything can happen. If the low temp stays above 40 you think that would be safe? Last year I waited to plant until the first week of june and it went perfect, just want the plants to have more time to get bigger.

    May just buy a set up and grow indoor and plant my outdoor in a couple of weeks. Lemme know what you think.
  4. You can always put a little clear plastic tent over your small outdoor plants in the early season to prevent any frost damage as well. As far as indoor goes, that's my main space, but I start my outdoor plants right along side with the plants I'm flowering inside. They grow together right up to the time I take them outside. :smoke:
  5. If you want monster plants they are going to have to vegged indoor for some time.

    I am doing the same thing but not monster plants.

    I live in so cal and have been taught you can harvest 3 times a year if possible. We don't have long enough days to veg. Only good months to veg outdoor is June/July.

    I bought some t5 lights and set up my shed to veg them in. I will be planting outside in June becuz it's to late for spring run.

    So you will need somewhere to start your plants. If you start them outside any other months besides June/July the plants will go into flower.
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  6. If I lived where I could legally grow I would have a small greenhouse with supplemental lighting to control flowering. Small Greenhouses are fairly cheap.

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  7. What state do you live in, and is the place you live in the n, c, or s in that state. Thinking you are past the last frost for your location is not the same thing as knowing your are past the last frost for your location. Every year I see many people make that same mistake, and let me tell you, it always turns into a disaster.
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