Want to start composing music, but how?

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  1. So I play guitar, been playing fairly long, just recently got back into it. I consider myself an intermediate/advanced player, so I know some shit. However, I've never really started writing my own stuff, which is something I want to do.

    My problem is music theory, I never really took the time to learn it, just tabs this and tabs that. The only theory I did learn, has been long forgotten. So where should I start?
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  3. I'm good with chords, used to be good with notes. Only guitar class I took was like 2-3 years ago, so I forgot pretty much all of the notes. I pretty much self taught by learning to play random songs via tabs. Thanks for the tip though, I'll get on it.
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    ur not intermediate or advanced until u learn theory...

    how u gunna play a song if u cant understand it? how are u gunna communicate with other musicians?

    Tabs are fuckin garbage because there cheap short cuts..all u learn how is where to put ur fingers like freakin guitar hero or something...

    like im sure u could get away with making simple songs or something but if u want something that fuckin cooks then learn theory, its not hard

    just go out and buy a jazz guitar book or something.. u dnt have to do jazz but its gunna teach u everything u wanna kno
  5. I was talking more on a level of me being able to play intermediate level songs, and less on a technical level. Thanks for the tip though, guess I'll just go shopping for books.
  6. I'd say change your guitar tuning, picked up my acoustic for the first time in years about six months ago. Tuned it to DADF#AD to learn "Little Martha" by the Allman bros.

    I personally reccomend Open Cmaj or C modal as the major scale is the same along all strings cept the bottom (in both tunings) play around with it and you get a good feel of what your doing. I can't really describe it, it just comes to you and when it does new doors are opened

    Peace =]
  7. I have no idea how to play guitar but i make beats with my keyboard and i never learned music theory. If you can play notes (much harder on a guitar than keyboard) then just think of a melody in your head and then try to play it
  8. I think one of the best things to do is just start learning how to play songs you like, and more importantly, songs you respect which are out of your comfort zone. Eventually you begin to pick up on patterns and start to see, "oh that's how that songs works..."

    Keep looking into music theory while doing this, of course.
  9. I have faith in you bro just continue playing and continue to get better....good luck :wave:

    love what you do

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