Want to smoke but feel like a criminal

Discussion in 'General' started by WalkingHigh, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Well technically in my state I am. But I feel like I'm in prison at my current place. Moving out is not an option yet. I'm living with my girlfriend and her Christian grandma.

    I wanted to smoke a blunt but obviously I can't. But a cigarette? That's ok here. Beer? Alright too. But weed? That's from Satan!

    If I ever get high I do it late at night with incense and a bowl. If I want to smoke a blunt or joint I have to go out with my girlfriend (who is tolerable about it but doesn't like it much) on a drive or go walking like an alley cat smoking in literal alleys.

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  2. Well move out and problem solved!
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  3. Just smoke outside your gfs house lol if her grandma says anything just be straight with her & say you smoke weed & respect her enough to go outside & blaze rather then in her house lol,if she asks about where you roll up keep your stash ect say your car so she can't get pissed that you took drugs into her home :confused_2:
  4. The stigma is slowly lifting, but it'll be a few more years before the really badly brainwashed hardcore prohibitionists die off.
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  5. My grandmas a Christian too, and she's smoked more weed in her life than most people who aren't Christians, I could never slip past her. Couldn't even walk past her without a confrontation. I feel your pain.
  6. Not your house. Appreciate granny letting you stay there and don't whine about it. You could be out on your own paying your own bills. Sounds like you have it easy
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  7. I get the impression that G-ma isn't the whole problem. If she were out of the picture, would the gf tolerate it?

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  8. I plan on moving out soon. Me and my girl. We barely got a car a couple months ago and our next move is our own place.

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  9. Soon hopefully

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  10. go smoke in the woods or something
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  11. That's what I'm going to go do. Until we get out own place. There is no other feeling like smoking a joint blunt or bong in your own private place.

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  12. I think it's more fun smoking outside than inside. At least it breaks the routine up a little.
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  13. Until then respect granny. Go somewhere else. Gives you an excuse to leave
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  14. g
    get a vape pen buy concentrate cartridge. every state has ppl with them. ive found them everywhere.

    smells doesnt stick on you, go for a 5 min walk a few hits and you're gone.
  15. If you have been honest, then at least your girl don't care.
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  16. You sort of are in prison when you live under someone else's roof, you don't have equal rights at all. Sounds like Gma is pretty cool tho, I mean she's letting you live there with her granddaughter. I grew up in an era where you didn't hang and bang in your parents house much less live with your gf/bf at their guardians homes.

    It was because they weren't going to have my hanky-panky fun child under their roof when I can't even wipe my own ass with a roof over my own head lol.
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  17. People need exposure to cannabis. I know many people who thought the same way, but after getting to know me it helped dispel stereotypes that surrounded weed for them.

    Just respect the woman and her rules, and she may come around one day.

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  18. I had a pen but it broke. I need to get another. Also yeah, I am thankful that she even lets me stay there.
  19. could be worse, granny could be a mormon
  20. It sucks living in places it's still illegal. Those in places where it is legal don't get it. Cops are still arresting people over a gram of marijuana. If I were to move to a legal state I wouldn't know how to act, I'd still feel like a criminal. Obviously I don't mind cuz I do it anyway.

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