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Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyB, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Soo, I like reading up on things. Just about anything, it can be random as hell. Whenever I hear about something I Google it, just so I can have knowledge on it.
    Weed has done this to me lol, when I'm high I love knowing random shit.
    But yeah, suggest a topic to me so I can educate myself on it.

    It can be random, but no dumbass suggestions lol
  2. Im guessing you want like scientific things or like general knowledge?

    Rem sleep cycles

    What flames look like with no gravity


  3. Not necessarily, literally anything lol
    but thanks i'll read up on those
  4. Oh look up those minute physics videos on youtube. Shits so interesting. Oh or how lincoln was killed in fords theatre and ford was killed in a lincoln or something. Ill find it and post a link ha
  5. I love to do this. I just go to wikipedia and start following links. Then I hit google and find more and more info.

    It is also cool to put a search term in google then click the images tab. You'll find some awesome stuff like that.

    I know a thing or two. ;)

    Here is a little known topic that I just love to spread around.


  6. Yeah man it's awesome lol.
    But that topic is cool, just not too interesting, I already know about most of that shit. I think every nation that can afford to do that does it, lol.

    But I think the U.S. is probably the nation that does it the most haha
  7. [quote name='"DirtyB"']

    That's a cool article, for the most part I think it's just some badass coincedences, but I guess we'll see in 2046 hahah[/quote]

    Haha yeah probably
  8. random learning hurts iq !

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